Below are links to forms that will assist in your enrollment process at BPCC.

Eligibility for veterans education benefits are determined by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Note: If you are changing degree programs or changing parent schools where you have used benefits in the past, one of the forms below will need to be completed and turned in to the Veterans Education Services Office in Bldg A-138. Failure to complete this form could delay the process of certifying your classes through the VA.

  • VA Form 22-1995PDF File(Veteran request for Change of Program or Place of Training)
  • VA Form22-5495PDF File( Dependant Request for Change of Program or Place of Training)

Visiting Students/Enrolled in a Secondary Institution

If you are enrolled at BPCC and another institution, you must provide the Veterans Education Services Office in Bldg A-138 with all advisor contact information from the second school in order to have classes approved for the degree program sought.

BPCC will make every effort to certify your enrollment in a timely manner. Please ensure that all forms are turned in promptly. If any changes are made such as dropping a class or adding a class to your existing schedule, please notify our office in Bldg A-138 so we can adjust your tuition and fees and report all changes to the VA. Failure to comply with this request may result in an outstanding monetary obligation to the college and/or the government.