Blackboard Orientation: Step-by-Step Walkthrough for Students

Complete the following orientation and click e-mail top send me the results:


Our Specific BLACKBOARD Orientation for Weaver’s Classes: Read Carefully!


a)    Will name all files sent to the instructor with his/her last name, PROJECT NUMBER, IN THE LAB NUMBER, ie weaver PROJECT 4 IN THE LAB 1.doc.
NO apostrophes [ ' ] OR special characters

b)   Will include his/her last name YOUR NAME, CLASS, DATE, AND PROJECT NUMBER inside OF EACH File!!!!

c)    Submit ALL class assignments using the appropriate program in for my class

d)    Understand that this is NOT a class to learn about the Internet:  The Internet is the classroom

e)    Have Internet access and be comfortable using and navigating the Internet

f)     Can send and receive e-mail with attachments

g)    Have a higher degree of self-motivation than is required for a face-to-face class

h)    Understand that the class is self-paced only to the extent that you can complete an assignment any time between when it is posted and the indicated due date

i)     All correspondence, phone, email, etc, to the instructor, must include your Last Name, class number, and section before I will respond.  Any correspondence not following this guideline will be deleted

j)      Will insure instructor can communicate with them if accessing Blackboard from behind a firewall

k)    Understand that he/she MUST check his/her BPCC e-mail and Blackboard at least three times a week

l)      Understand that if he/she does not turn in assignments or take tests that this equates to being absent from class and is grounds for suspension

m)  Will check his/her grades in Blackboard at least once a week. If no score appears after one week from turning in assignments, it is his/her responsibility to resubmit, before deadline

n)    Understand that he/she MUST check announcements in Blackboard at least three times a week, Tests or exams will be taken by clicking on Course Documents;


p)    Allow time for mail to be received, and replied to, keeping in mind the instructor teaches many classes. The normal time for instructor replies is 48 hours, excluding weekends and holidays.

q)    Keep in mind time differences around the world. The time zone used in this class is CST.

r)     Not assume any Internet communication is completely secure. "Never put in a e‑mail message anything you would not put on a postcard".

s)    Always read what others in the group are saying for a while, to get a feel for the nature of the group, and what is or is not acceptable to the group.

t)     If posting to groups, be aware that many are archived, and the archives are available for a very long time. Don't say anything that might come back and haunt you years down the track. Not advertise!

u)    Messages should be concise and relevant to the group. Don't post messages to inappropriate groups.

v)    Spelling mistakes tend to be the rule rather than the exception. Questioning someone else's spelling is not good netiquette, and not necessary unless it occurs in a critical place, like a possibly mis-spelt URL

w)   Don't get involved in or respond to Flame Wars.

x)    If you find a newsgroup or topic offensive, avoid it. Sending harassing messages to the group is not only frowned on, it may be illegal.

y)    Unacceptable behavior on your part may get you banned from the course.

z)    Although the course schedule follows a self-paced for training, the turning in of assignments and exams following a set calendar. See the course syllabus.

aa) The Course is sequenced in chapter order. However, a student may work on future assignments as long as he/she is turning assignments following the course calendar. 

bb) A student will be required to complete assignments in an electronic format, participation in the discussion board, and complete individual work. 

cc) The course calendar contains all assignment and test due dates.

dd) Preferred mode of communication with the instructor. First mode is e-mail. Second mode is by phone. Third method is through face to face visit.

ee) Preferred mode of communication with other students is via e-mail.

ff)    All test will be online through Blackboard. 

gg) Procedure for submission of electronic assignments is through the Assignments Tab, the specific chapter/project, then View/Complete Assignment.