Introduction to Computer Concepts

CIS 105=35 Fast Track

FALL 2009


Instructor:  Paul Weaver                            E-Mail Address:

Office: A – 2nd Floor                        Telephone 318-678-6374

Class Website:


Professor Office Hours: Primary contact via e-mail. Secondary via telephone. Office hours are opportunities for face-to-face meetings on the BPCC campus. When this need arises, please call for an appointment if a different time better meets your needs.


 All work, email, or correspondence must have your Name, Class & Section number.

Forgetting this information will result in a letter grade deduction on project grade.  If your email is not labeled correctly it will not be responded to as per our division policy.

(IE ~ CIS10535F00pweaver)

{Note: Replace my last name with yours}


This class is using MS Office 2007 Pro~ that is Word, Excel, Access, & PowerPoint.

 I will only except work in Office format.  No other programs allowed.


Note:  BPCC has a contract with Microsoft to get Office at a large discount. 

Please check your student email for the link to this site.  The link is also posted in
BlackBoard under Links & Resources.  It is labeled as BPCC Software Acquisition Information.

In addition it may be purchased in the BPCC Bookstore with a valid Student ID.



It is recommended that you have the ability to type at least 25 wpm, use mouse, & save to disk prior to this course.


Grades will be calculated by (points earned)/(points possible)=Average


If you notice that you sent the wrong file before it is graded simply email or call me to ask for the attempt to be cleared.  If I had already tried to grade and noticed it is the wrong file you will notice a score of (0) for your grade.  Simply click on that and follow the direction posted in the comment section.  Once I have graded a file the grade stays unless, with the exception of the (0) with a comment, you can prove an error on my part.






General Errors




Missing File





Attendance is important – With this being a fast trak course there is no room for falling behind.  If I see no work being turned in for more than two days I will have to turn you in so PLEASE stay on top of your projects.



Note:  All assignments are to be completed individually.  Students should be aware of the Student Academic Integrity policy described in the Student Handbook and that if the policy is violated, they will be subjected to disciplinary sanctions as listed in the Handbook.  Cheating will result in a grade of “F” for the class and possible suspension from the College.


Outside lab time is required to complete all projects.

(Note: You can use the Library’s Technology Resource Center (TRC).)

Intro to Class Quiz                 10 pts


Intro Unit Exam  ~                 40pts

            This will cover the COM section of the text.


Course Work  ~ 


Lab Practice                11 projects – 25 pts each for a total of 275 pts

            {Step-By-Step}  All lab assignments are due by the assigned date.  They will be turned in through Assignments in Blackboard. 

Lab Projects                11 projects – 25 pts each for a total of 275 pts

            {In the Labs}  All lab assignments are due by the assigned date.  They will be turned in through Assignments in Blackboard.   

Production Tests                      4 Exams – 75 pts each for a total of 300 pts

Lab Tests will be posted under Course Documents.  Dates will be posted as to when which test is given.  Tests are not curved.  Missed tests are recorded as a zero (0).


Final Exam  ~ 

            Cumulative                  100 pts

            There will be one (1) section from each program covered.


Work is due by or on due date. As this is a Fast Track Course ~ to be completed in 16 business/working days  NO late work will be allowed.
Be sure to stay on task, also feel free to turn your work in early.


Total Points possible in this course ~ 1000  pts



900 or more points = A

600 through 699 points = D

800 through 899 points = B

less than 600 points = F

700 through 799 points = C



Section Calendar:


Details of projects to be worked will be posted under Assignments in Blackboard.


Section Calendar:

Day 1 August 20, 2009
Take time to dig around and learn your way around the “class”. Review the Student Information Sheet and take the SIS Exam found under Assignments in the Exams folder.  You will also need to read the COM section at the start of the book.  SIS Quiz DUE by 11:55PM CST 10 points. 

Day 2 August 21, 2009
COM Exam DUE by 11:55PM CST 40 points.  Remember it is posted in the Exam folder under Assignments.


Learning Activity
(Read and Review)

Assessment [due according to policy]

Assess-ment Points

08.24- 09.01


ALL Word Work




Word Exam




ALL Excel Work




Excel Exam




ALL Access Work




Access Exam




ALL PowerPoint Work




PowerPoint Exam




Final Exam


All assessments are  DUE by 11:55PM CST


Access Assignments. This program takes a little longer so be sure to give it the attention it deserves.  Don’t forget to turn in your work as you complete it.

All assessments are  DUE by 11:55PM CST


Dates to Remember:

Notice:  All students who may be in need of special accommodations according to the guidelines of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and Title II of the ADA should contact Special Services Counselor Morris Robinson at 678-6315 in building D 109.


Students should be aware of the Student Academic Integrity policy described in the Student Handbook and that if the policy is violated, they will be subject to disciplinary sanctions listed in the Handbook.


Bossier Parish Community College Website:

Library Website:

BlackBoard Website:


How do I log into Blackboard?

To log into Blackboard your Username is your CWID number (Campus Wide Identification number) without any dashes or spaces. This ID number is given to you when you registered with BPCC for the current semester.  It is also located on the back of your BPCC student ID.  Your password is your birth date in the six digit format without any dashes or spaces (Example: January 1, 1980 would be entered as 010180). If you did not receive your CWID number when you registered at the college, you may log in to the BPCC CAVS system using your social security number as your "STUDENT ID:" and your birth date in the example above as your "PIN:" and a message stating "YOUR NEW LOG IN ID:" will display giving your CWID number.  If you have changed your name or need to correct the spelling of your name, you should contact the registrar’s office and your instructors to make sure everyone is made aware of the corrections.

How do I access Student Webmail?

Your logon information for your BPCC student email account is the first initial of your first name, all of your last name, and the last four digits of your social security number. Your password is your birth date in the six digit format. Please see the example below:  If your name was John Smith and your Student ID Number was 999-00-999 and your birth date was January 1, 1980 your logon information would look like this:


Username: jsmith999  Password: 010180


When sending e-mail to your instructor the subject line must consist of the course name with the section included, the semester code, and the student’s last name.  (Example:  SUBJECT:  CIS10530S09pweaver).


Caveat Statement

The above schedule and procedures are subject to change