Program Information

Admission to the Clinical Component of the Pharmacy Technician Program

Prior to beginning first semester program courses (courses with a PHAR prefix), the student must be approved by the Pharmacy Technician program director for acceptance into the program.  Approval is based on:

  • Demonstrated basic competency in the following:
    • Reading-  ACT Reading score of 16 or higher; or  Accuplacer score of 85 or higher, or successful completion of READ 099
    • Mathematics- ACT Math score of 15 or higher; or Accuplacer score of 45 or higher, or successful completion of MATH 098  or ALHT 116
    • English- ACT English score of 18 or higher; or Accuplacer score of 86 or higher, or successful completion of ENGL 099
  • Demonstrated competency in verbal communication, as assessed by the Pharmacy Technician program director
  • Successful completion or current enrollment in all qualification courses (Listed above)
  • Completion of necessary paperwork and signing of required documents
  • Successful completion of a drug screening test.
  • Possess a high school equivalency (HISET, GED) or is a high school graduate.
  • Signed acknowledgement of the Essential Requirement of the BPCC Pharmacy Technician Program.

Program Completion Policy

Students may earn a Certificate of Technical Studies in Pharmacy Technician or an Associate of Applied Science in Pharmacy Technician at Bossier Parish Community College.  To complete the program, students must be at least 18 years of age, meet all educational goals and objectives of the program, and show a consistently high level of technician candidate practice during clinical rotations at pharmacies.  Students must earn a grade of “C” or higher in all required courses and have completed all required evaluations and certifications.  Students are required to complete 400 hours of experiential (clinical) work at assigned pharmacies and submit documentation of completion.  Students must meet all graduation requirements set forth by Bossier Parish Community College and the American Society of Health System Pharmacist (ASHP).  Upon successful completion of the program, a graduate is eligible to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) given by Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB).

Program Dismissal Policy

The student should be aware that once accepted to the Pharmacy Technician program, he/she may be dismissed from the program for:

  • Failure to obtain a Louisiana Board of Pharmacy Technician Candidate Registration by the established deadline,
  • Two or more unexcused absences/tardies during the clinical experiential phase
  • Failure to maintain the academic standards established by the program.
  • Dismissal from a clinical experiential site for unacceptable conduct or performance.
  • Failure to submit to or pass a drug screening.
  • Failure to comply with all policies and standards set forth by the College, the Pharmacy Technician program, the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy or the clinical affiliates.

Louisiana Board of Pharmacy

The BPCC Pharmacy Technician Program is not affiliated with the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy, but follows all laws and regulations applying to pharmacy. Therefore, requirements set forth by the Board must be met in order for a student to obtain a “Pharmacy Technician Candidate Registration”. The following are examples of some of the requirements for a Pharmacy Technician Candidate Certification from the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy (LABP). It is recommended that students verify they have met all Louisiana Board of Pharmacy requirements by visiting

Examples of LABP drug/alcohol and background check requirements:

  • Must disclose arrest and convictions to include detailed documentation regarding the instances, such as court documents and official statements from the student. Omissions of information are grounds for refusal of issuance of a Pharmacy Technician Candidate Certificate by the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy.
  • Good moral character
  • Disclosure of addictions to drugs or alcohol
  • Unimpaired mentally and physically

Restrictions on registration as a pharmacy technician in the state of Louisiana are established by the Louisiana Board of Pharmacy. A description of the most current restrictions are available online at  The Pharmacy Technician Program Director will discuss these restrictions with the students prior to beginning program courses.

Students should be aware that a positive background check or drug/alcohol screening, conducted by the College or by clinical affiliates, or immunization status, may have a negative impact on the applicant’s future employability as a Pharmacy Technician. 

Prospects for Employment

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment of pharmacy technicians is projected to growth 4 percent from 2020 to 2030.  Increased demand for prescription medications will lead to more demand for pharmaceutical services.

Salary Expectations

According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for pharmacy technicians was $35,100 in May 2020.  Average pay for pharmacy technicians in Louisiana was $33,890- $35,570.

Total Program Cost

Students are responsible for tuition, fees, books, uniforms, fingerprinting, required exams, supplies, and vaccinations/laboratory tests associated with completion of the Pharmacy Technician Program. A clinical fee is charged in addition to regular tuition for each program with a clinical component. This fee is required during the semester that a student is scheduled in PHAR 151.

Information on tuition and fees may be found online. For information on financial assistance, contact the Financial Aid office or refer to the Financial Aid website or the BPCC Foundation.

Based on fall 2021 tuition and fee schedule for the Certificate of Technical Studies in Pharmacy Technician.

Tuition and institutional fees for qualifications courses (must be taken prior to or concurrent with enrollment in PHAR prefix courses). $2,141.52
Tuition and institutional fees for program courses (PHAR prefix courses) $3,931.12
Program specific fees $546.00
Texts and miscellaneous items Approximately: $800
Total cost of the program $7418.64

*Additional tuition is associated with courses required for the Associate of Applied Science in Pharmacy Technician.