Clinical Forms

Clinical Site Information Form (CSIF)
Programs/schools that your facility contracts with for student placements are strongly advised by CAPTE to have this completed and updated form on file. At your convenience, please complete or have a representative of your department complete the form and submit it to each affiliating school’s ACCE/DCE.

2020-2021 BPCC PTA Student Commitment Form
Complete this form to document for the Program the number of students you will be able to accept for each of the clinical rotation “slots” this academic year. Return to the BPCC PTA Program ACCE, Kim Cox, by fax (318-678-6199)

Guide for Assessing Affective Skills
Use this guide for language and examples that may be helpful in assessing and documenting PTA student effective skill performance as it relates to the Professional Behaviors section of the PTA MACS instrument. Please remember to involve the ACCE (Kim Cox – as early as possible when deficits are identified in these areas so that she may help you in providing feedback to the student and in formulating a plan/goals for student improvement.