Information for High Schools and Teachers

Steps to Become a Dual Enrollment Instructor

  • Contact Dual Enrollment about your interest in teaching a dual enrollment course at your high school
  • You must have a Master’s Degree as well as 18 credit hours in the subject you are interested in teaching
  • You must send an official transcript from the Universities that awarded your degree to our office
  • You must sign a “Yellow Form” that outlines what you are credentialed by BPCC to teach. This form must also be signed by the Dean of the Division you will be teaching in.
  • You must submit a copy of your Driver’s License and Social Security Card to our office to be assigned an L number within BPCC’s system.
  • You will be sent a Crosswalk, Course Outline, and Syllabus for the course you are interested in teaching. You must teach the complete course material outlined by BPCC but may add additional material.