BPCC Student Worker Positions

All positions require Federal Work Study eligibility based on your financial aid package. If you have finished your FAFSA, (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), complete the BPCC Student Worker Application (SF-10D) and email/bring it to the Career Services Office, F-250.

FWS Student workers can work up to 20 hours a week while classes are in session. On-campus FWS Student Workers receive minimum wage, $8.00 an hour. Off-campus Community Services FWS Student Workers receive $12.00 an hour and need skills to tutor and mentor area youth. Student workers are paid every two weeks.

Most on campus departments hire FWS student workers for duties such as answering phones, running errands around campus, filing, sorting, copying, shredding, faxing, entering data into a database, and assisting with special events and projects. More specific job descriptions, such as Game Day Student Workers (Athletic Department), Peer Coach (PSE), and Student Worker Programmer (Computer Services) are on the BPCC Job Board.

Providing other students, faculty, and staff with exceptional customer service is required. All student workers need to be reliable and responsible.

Departments That Hire FWS Student Workers:

  • Admissions OfficeAdvising Center
  • Athletics Department
  • Business Administration Division
  • Computer Services Switchboard
  • Computer Services Programming
  • Continuing Education
  • Finance Department
  • Liberal Arts Division
  • Learning Commons
  • Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Division
  • Program for Successful Employment (PSE)
  • Public Relations
  • Purchasing Department Office
  • Purchasing Department Warehouse
  • Science, Nursing and Allied Health Division
  • Social and Behavioral Science Division

FWS Community Service (Special Skills Required):

  • Salvation Army Boys and Girls Club
  • Plant A Seed Youth Development
  • VOA Bossier Lighthouse
  • Common Ground Community, Inc