Active Student Organizations

Bossier Parish Community College recognizes the importance of the “out of classroom” education that students gain by participating in student organizations such as learning and developing leadership skills, organizing and implementing events, and becoming responsible for outcomes. Below is a list of officially recognized student organizations including advisor contact information. Some student organizations, which operate on a selective basis, offer tuition waivers for special talent or services provided to the College. An asterisk (*) denotes that Student Life tuition waivers are available. For specific requirement, tryout and/or audition information, click the Student Life Tuition Waivers link, consult the organization website or contact the organization advisor listed.

Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society

[Invitation only]

Melanie | H-144 | 318-678-6518
National honor society for nursing clinical students.

Alpha Eta Allied Health Honor Society

[Invitation only]

Roishene Johnson | | B-142 | 318-678-6170
National honor society for students completing a degree program in Allied Health.

Americans with Disabilities and Accessible Personal Training Services (ADAPTS)

Bobbie Brown | | D-112 | 318-678-6339
For students interested in learning about opportunities for people with disabilities.

Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM)

Tiffany Sandifer | | F-220 | 318-678-6597
For students interested in Christian fellowship.

* BPCC Debate Club

Bob Alexander | | D-317 | 318-678-6460
For students interested in participating in forensic activities and competitions with other U.S. colleges and universities.


BPCC Optimist Club

Sandra Roberson | | F-161 | 318-678-6148

For students interested in developing optimism as a philosophy of life and in the giving of one’s self in service to others.

* BPCC SkillsUSA

[Medal verification required for tuition waiver]

Jim Boyter | | D-319 | 318-678-6343
For students interested in competing in SkillsUSA at the collegiate level.

* Cavalier Cheerleaders and Mascot

[Tryout required]

Rachel Randolph | | A-138 | 318-393-4379
For students interested in cheering on a co-ed squad that performs at athletic, College and community events.

* Cavalier Express Student Recruiting Team

[Interview required]

Rachel Randolph | | A-138 | 318-393-4379
For students interested in recruiting new BPCC students through various community events.

* Cavalier Players Drama Club

[Audition/Interview required for tuition waiver]

Kim Condon | | C-138 | 318-678-6525
For students interested in producing and/or attending plays.

* Communication Media Club

[Audition/Interview required for tuition waiver]

LaKeisha Hamilton | | D-319 | 318-678-6560 
For students interested in a career in the communication media field.


* Concert Choir and Chamber Singers

[Audition required for tuition waiver]

Dr. Gulya Chandler | | C-126 | 318-678-6429
For students interested in performing a diverse variety of choir repertoire in a mixed ensemble.

Cyber Club

Chris Rondeau | | G-120 | 318-678-6317
For students interested in expanding knowledge in all areas of technology.

Gaming And Making Entertainment (GAME) Club

Steven Turner | | G-123 | 318-678-6549

For students interested in developing, discussing, or playing any kinds of games.

Gay + Straight Alliance (GSA)

Melissa Shepherd | | H-120 | 318-678-6096 

For students interested in fostering awareness, understanding, and inclusivity of all students regardless of gender or sexual orientation.


Kim Cox | | B-203 | 318-678-6107
For students enrolled in the Physical Therapist Assistant degree program.

History Club

Cody Culpepper | | E-111 | 318-678-6365

For students interested in discussing historical topics and engaging in social and intellectual exchange.

* Instrumental Music Ensembles

[Audition required for tuition waiver]

Dr. Gulya Chandler | | C-126 | 318-678-6429
Concert Winds: For students with high school and/or college band experience.
Jazz Ensemble: For students who play a traditional jazz ensemble instrument.

International Student Association (ISA)

Mark Hux | | D-154 | 318-678-6104
Maria Torres | | D-155 | 318-678-6598
For students interested in celebrating different cultures, spreading cultural awareness, and connecting with international students.

* Ladies in Gold Danceline

[Tryout required]

Rachel Randolph | | A-138 | 318-393-4379
For students interested in dancing on a squad that performs at athletic, College and community events.

* Maroon Jackets

[Interview required]

Marjoree Harper | | F-215 | 318-678-6144
For students interested in serving as official hosts and hostesses of the College.

Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society

[Invitation only]

Michelle Triplet | | F-217 | 318-678-6354
International honor society for students attending two-year colleges.

Rotaract Club

Kelly McDade | | G-127 | 318-678-6324
For students interested in building responsible citizens through service, fellowship, diversity, integrity, and leadership.

Sigma Kappa Delta English Honor Society

[Invitation only]

Kirk Fontenot | | G-129 | 318-678-6404 
National English honor society for students attending two-year colleges.

Student Engineering Society

Dr. June Schneider | | E-142 | 318-678-6467 
For students majoring in Engineering.

* Student Government Association (SGA)

[Election required]

Tiffany Sandifer | | F-220 | 318-678-6597
For students interested in representing the student body and promoting self-government.

Student Nurses Association (SNA)

Sheryl Nelson | | D-153 | 318-6786461

For students that have been accepted into the BPCC Clinical Nursing Program.

Student Occupational Therapy Assistant (SOTA) Association

Kelly Brandon | B-306 | 318-678-6471 
For students enrolled in the Occupational Therapy Assistant degree program.

Student Oil and Gas Organization (SOGO)

Brian Gilcrease | | L-126 | 318-678-6286 
For students majoring in Oil and Gas Production Technology.

Student Veterans Organization (SVO)

Susan Stakes | | H-411 | 318-678-6472
For students who are serving or who have served in the armed forces.