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The BPCC Cheer team consists of approximately 12 members and may be a combination of All-Girl and Coed members. Bossier Parish Community College cheerleading is a full year commitment and members must maintain a full time student status. The team cheers at all home basketball games and participates in Student Life Events. They are also asked to make appearances at baseball/softball games and community events. BPCC Cheer attends UCA College Cheerleading Camp every summer and may compete at the College Cheerleading National Championship and the University World Cup Cheerleading Championship in Orlando, Fl. The BPCC Cheerleading program follows the safety guidelines set by the American Association of Cheerleading Coaches and Advisors (AACCA) at all times. Applicants are also expected to follow these guidelines at all times during the clinic and selection process. Partial tuition waivers are available.

BPCC is looking for well-rounded cheerleaders to cheer on the Cavalier Athletes and represent the college. BPCC Cheerleaders need to strive to maintain a positive image on the performance stage, in the class room and in their social lives. Applicants must have a cumulative 2.0 GPA in order to tryout. High school seniors and transfer students must provide a transcript or other documentation for GPA verification prior to tryouts.  

At tryouts, judges will consider those that can perform collegiate style motions, stunts and tumbling. They will also consider athletes that have high energy, are physically fit, have a game day appearance, positive attitude, and professional social skills.

Collegiate Image: Collegiate Image is defined as the “All-American” look. Individuals are expected to be in excellent physical condition and be well groomed. A good collegiate image also includes an individual‛s poise, confidence and charisma with respect to individuals encountered at any event. Visible piercings and/or tattoos are not allowed while in uniform or when representing the College at any function. Jewelry or suggestive attire will not be allowed at tryouts, during the selection process, or at any time during practice. Our school colors are maroon, gold, and white, so please dress accordingly. We want to see a neat, collegiate appearance; however, no other university shirts, all-star programs, or high school clothing will be permissible.

The following packet contains importat information regarding the tryout process including forms and items that must be completed before tryouts. Please make sure you submit the following by the first day of clinic: cheer application, liability waiver, media release, copy of medical insurance card, and $25 tryout fee.

Cheer Tryout Packet

Captain Cav

Students interested in trying out for Captain Cav should contact Coach Rachel for more information: or text (318) 393-4379.