How Your Degree Program Affects Your TOPS Award

As a TOPS recipient it is your responsibility to understand the following:

  • If you are a recipient of the TOPS Opportunity, Performance, or Honors award, and you are also enrolled in a TOPS Tech eligible program at BPCC (see list of eligible programs below), you will be held to the TOPS Tech requirements. This may affect your future TOPS eligibility at other schools.
  • Changing your degree program at any time during the academic year may affect your TOPS award.
  • If you are a TOPS Tech recipient and change to an ineligible degree program, while attending BPCC, your TOPS Tech award may be cancelled.

Eligible TOPS-Tech Programs at BPCC:

  • ALL Technical Competency Area (TCA) Programs
  • ALL Technical Diploma (TD) Programs
  • ALL Certificate (C and CTS) Programs
  • ALL Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Programs
  • Associate of Science in Nursing
  • Associate of Arts in Performing Arts
  • Associate of Science in Healthcare Management