Theatre Program

Dracula - October 2007- BPCC Performing Arts Theatre

The Star-Spangled Girl - July, 2010

The Performing Arts Theatre Program is designed for students seeking practical experience and course work in theatre. The program provides a comprehensive two-year associate degree which students can transfer to a four-year theatre program, or students can seek continued employment in the entertainment industry using the enhanced professional skills they have acquired.

In addition to the associate degree, the theatre program offers a one-year Certificate of Technical Studies in Theatre. Also, Technical Competency Area (TCA) certifications are available in Acting, Directing, Costume Design, Scenery Design, Lighting Design, Stage or Theatre Management, and Theatre Technician.

In a high tech theatre boasting the hottest digital lighting and sound equipment in the industry, our students are provided the skills and knowledge to work in the performance and/or technical area of theatre.

Acting and Directing

Theatre performance students are instructed in basic and advanced acting and/or directing and audition techniques, through a combination of coursework and practical onstage experience through the program’s main stage productions and the student-directed One Act Play Festivals. Program completers have the skills necessary to compete in the fast paced self-driven world of live performance and film. Performance studies coursework at BPCC includes acting, directing, voice for the stage, theatre dance, and stage combat.

The Time of Your Life - April, 2011

Stage and Theatre Management

Stage management students are instructed in the skills and experience necessary to successfully run backstage and onstage activities surrounding the theatrical production. Students in Theatre management gain instruction and experience needed to fund, run, and promote a successful theatre. This area of theatre study includes coursework in stage management and theatre management at BPCC.

The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940 - April, 2010

Scenery and Lighting

Students interested in the technical aspects of theatre will enjoy what we have to offer in stagecraft, lighting, scene painting, properties, special effects, and scenic design With the ability to focus in different areas, students can find their areas of expertise while putting their knowledge to practical use through coursework, school productions, and real world applications. Students can look to find jobs in local and regional theatres, movie productions, industrial shows, and church productions. With BPCC Theatre, you have the ability to express your artistic side while making money as many of our graduates do! Click the above links for more information on our technical courses.

The Woman in Black - July, 2009

Costuming and Makeup

Through a series of courses, students are taught the practical considerations that must be considered at every stage of the costuming and makeup process. Students receive hands-on instruction in costume design, costume construction techniques and makeup application.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum - October, 2010