Tutoring Policy for High School Students

As a service to the community, The Tutoring Center has always offered tutoring services to local high school students. Please call before coming to a session to insure that we have staff available. Before coming to a session, the student needs to bring the following items:

  • A high school id
  • A copy of a test or the textbook
  • An idea of what skill a tutor needs to review with them ( decimals, improper fractions, etc)

We love having high school students as part of the Tutoring Center. In the evenings, there have traditionally been fewer staff members than during the day. As a high school student, it may be a possibility that you will be left alone to work independently while a tutor sees a BPCC student. A tutor will not work each of your homework problems with you. They will come back to check on your progress. Remember, this service is mainly for BPCC students. Please come motivated to do your best and actively engage with the tutors.


The Tutoring Center Staff