How to submit visual entries

When submitting visual art entries, you are required to include the following information for EACH entry (one submission e-mail per entry):

Subject Of The Email: Savoir Faire – Visual Art Submission(s)

In The Body Of The Email:
Student name (as you want printed in the magazine)
Title of artwork (Works labeled “Untitled” will not be accepted)
Size/dimensions in inches (L X W X H in inches)
Alternate email in case we cannot reach you by BPCC email (For announcing juried results, dropping off artwork, and magazine reception/awards)
Phone number
Additional Comments

For example:

Subject of E-mail: Savoir Faire – Visual Art Submission(s)

Doe, John
16 x 20”
Acrylic on Canvas
Additional Comments: I need to drop this piece off to be photographed


  • Images should be submitted and attached in the submission e-mail as .jpg files with a resolution of 300 dpi. Other formats will be disqualified.
  • When submitting your image(s), please label as the following “Lastname_title.jpg.” For example, “Doe_Compromise.jpg.” If there is no title, your entry will be disqualified.
  • If your piece has an extremely long title, use one word from your title to discern from your other entries. For example, if your piece is titled “The Difference between Sharks and Cavaliers” the file can be labeled as “Lastname_Sharks.jpg.”
  • If the image is not of good quality for print, Mr. Wagoner will reach out to you to make the corrections, submit a new image, or drop off your artwork to be photographed.
  • Do not submit images blurry or fuzzy images of your artwork. If you are unable to produce a good photograph, Mr. Wagoner will do this for you but you will need to drop it off to him.

Visual Art entries that need to be photographed – You may leave the artwork with John Wagoner in G-113 who will take pictures of your work. Once the artwork has been photographed, you will be notified to pick up your work. Any original works left with the advisor will be discarded one month after the semester they were submitted. Please write your full name and contact information (in print) on the back of the artwork so it can be returned to you. Artworks left without names will be discarded and disqualified.

Alternative submission process: If the file sizes of your image(s) are too big for the BPCC email attachment system, you can visit Mr. Wagoner during his listed office hours in the Liberal Arts department (Building G, room 113) and bring a flash drive with your properly labeled images. Once the files have been copied over, Mr. Wagoner will return the flash drive back to you. You are still required to email a submission entry.