Air Force ROTC @ BPCC

BPCC has entered into a Crosstown Agreement with Louisiana Tech University- Detachment 305.

This relationship allows eligible fulltime BPCC students to enroll simultaneously in LA Tech’s Air Force ROTC program.

Beginning your Air Force ROTC journey at BPCC has several advantages. The LA Tech admission fees, parking fees, and tuition for the LA Tech Air Force ROTC classes are waived for BPCC crosstown cadets. You avoid the expenses associated with living in a dorm by continuing to live at home. The one day a week lab and leadership class on LA Tech’s campus allows you to slowly become acclimated to university life before you transfer but also allows you to develop the comradery with your fellow cadets.

Becoming a BPCC crosstown cadet does not require you to transfer to LA Tech once you complete your degree at BPCC. The Air Force ROTC courses you take while enrolled as a BPCC crosstown cadet may be transferred seamlessly to any of Detachment 305 partner schools.

BPCC has transfer agreements in various programs with the partner schools in the crosstown agreement.  Partner schools include LA Tech, Grambling, Northwestern, and UL Monroe.

If you completed four years of Junior Air Force ROTC while you were in high school, you may be eligible for advanced placement in this program.

For more information about becoming a BPCC crosstown cadet, please contact:

Susan Stakes

Capt. Nick Lewis