The E-benefits website is a great resource to follow your GI Bill® application, print your Letter of Eligibility, track your payments, and obtain all your military information from disability claims to VA documents.

Login can be accomplished with a CAC Card and without one. Just a few simple questions and you will be on your way to a large source of information pertaining to your personal military information.

GI Benefit® Details

Department of Veteran Affairs

Knowing your benefits and how they work is an important part of your academic success. On the provided link, you can look up individual benefits, compare them, look at current GI Bill pay rates and read descriptions of each one. Once you have decided on your benefits, you can apply. If you have questions, please contact Veteran Educational Services at (318) 678-6472.

For further questions regarding your benefits, contact the Regional Office at 888-442-4551 or talk to Veteran Education Services.


  • Post 9/11 Students: At least one course for the full term of a full time schedule has to be either on campus, hybrid, or virtual in order to receive full percentage of eligible monthly stipend.
  • ALL remedial coursework has to be taken either on campus, hybrid, or in a virtual modality to be certified for GI Bill funding.
  • Exemptions/Waivers: If the cumulative GPA falls below a 2.0 GPA, an appeal through the financial aid office may be necessary and must be approved before the benefit is applied to a student account.
  • All Chapter 31 Students need an electronic authorization from their counselor at Vocational Rehabilitation Center to receive their benefits and approval to purchase books from the bookstore on campus or online. Counselors can email it to me at
  • Transferring to BPCC? Complete Form 22-1995 on the site to change your parent school and program of study. For Chapter 35 dependents: Form 22-5495
  • LA National Guard: Please contact Mr. Leonard Acker at 504-278-8304 to ensure you are on the State Tuition Waiver list.
  • Private Scholarships (Academics, TOPS, BPCC) Please let the school certifying official know in H-411.
  • Chapter 30, 1606, or 1607 , and Chapter 35 (under ½ time): Verify your enrollment on the last day of every month enrolled at or call 877-823-2378 in order to receive funds from the VA for the prior month.