Louisiana Transfer Associate Degrees


Louisiana Transfer Degree Guarantee

The goal of the Louisiana Transfer Associate Degree is to maximize the transfer process, meet the needs of students who enroll at a 2-year college with the intent to work toward a baccalaureate, and develop a universal transfer program for which the coursework completed in pursuit of the degree will be accepted by all public universities in the state.

The Louisiana Transfer Degree consists of 39 hours of General Education (GenEd) and 21 hours of additional coursework. Students who enter a four-year public university with this degree will have met the institution’s general education requirements and will be granted upper division (junior) status. This guarantee applies to those who successfully complete the degree with the required grade of “C” or better in each course.

Louisiana Transfer Degree Concentrations and Student’s Unofficial Checklists

Associate of Arts Louisiana Transfer (AALT)

Associate of Science Louisiana Transfer (ASLT)