Business Office - STUDENT ACCOUNTS

The objective of the Business Office is to provide quality service to students and faculty in the matters of payment information and monetary duties pertinent to the functions of the college.

Students wishing to pay a balance or inquire about their student financial account should contact the Business Office.

If your inquiry is related to Financial Aid (grants, student loans, etc.), please contact the Financial Aid office at

1098-T Tax Forms for tax year 2023 are now available. Eligible students can view their 1098-T form online by signing into LoLA account and selecting Student > Tax Notification. Students who have not previously allowed electronic notification will first need to go to Student > 1098-T Electronic Consent and agree. All other students will receive their 1098-T tax form by mail sent to the mailing address on file.

If you have any questions regarding your 1098-T tax form, please contact the Business Office at 318-678-6012 or by emailing