Staff Directory

Photo of Cynthia Adams

Cynthia Adams

Administrative Coordinator III (Nursing, and Allied Health)

Photo of Mary Adams

Mary Adams

Assistant Dean - Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; Ph.D. - University of Oklahoma

Photo of Tianna Andrews

Tianna Andrews

Student Success Coach (Enrollment Management); AGS - BPCC; B.A. – LSUS, M.Ed. - LSUS

Photo of John Anglin

John Anglin

Head Coach - Men's Basketball (Athletics)

Photo of Crystal Ashby

Crystal Ashby

Business Manager (Nursing and Allied Health); Masters, LSUS

Photo of Bryan Babcock

Bryan Babcock

Associate Registrar (Admissions); B.A., Louisiana Tech University

Skylar Back

Program Support Coordinator (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

Photo of Ashley Bagley

Ashley Bagley

Registrar/Director of Enrollment Services; B.A.S., East Texas Baptist University

Photo of Megan Bange

Megan Bange

Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Planning, Budget, and Resources; M.A., Louisiana Tech University

Wesley Bange

Chief Information and Technology Officer (Computer Services), B.S., Louisiana Tech

Photo of Tina Barth

Tina Barth

Program Support Coordinator (Athletics), A.A.S., BPCC

Tierney Bashara

Director (Human Resources), B.S., LSU-S

Rick Bateman

Chancellor (Administration), Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Photo of Jay Bell

Jay Bell

Student Success Coach, Enrollment Management; M.A., Northwestern State University

Photo of Kristin "Nicki" Binning

Kristin "Nicki" Binning

Enrollment Advisor (Admissions/Registrar), B.S.P., LSUS

Nicollete Blenker

Athletic Coordinator/Head Coach for Cross County

Jim Boyter

Resource Coordinator (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences); B.A., Centenary College of Louisiana

Photo of Lisa Brantly

Lisa Brantly

Administrative Coordinator III (Public Relations)

Melinda Brazzel

Support Coordinator - Physical Plant

Suzanne Brooks

Administrative Coordinator 2 (Computer Services and Institutional Research)

Bobbie Brown

Employment Specialist (Program for Successful Employment), A.G.S., BPCC

Photo of Joseph Brownlee

Joseph Brownlee

Dean - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; M.S. - NSU, FL, B.A. - UIS

Photo of Matthew Broxson

Matthew Broxson

Assistant Dean - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics; Ed.D. - American College of Education; B.S., M.S. - West Texas A&M University

Photo of Maudie Bryant

Maudie Bryant

Tutor Center Manager (Learning Resources), M.A., ULM

Steven Burke

Programmer/Analyst (Computer Services and Institutional Research), M.S., LSU-S

Photo of Kathy Busch

Kathy Busch

Administrative Coordinator IV (Career Services), A.A., BPCC

Photo of Quentin Calhoun

Quentin Calhoun

Assistant Dean - Business and Information Technology

Photo of Charles Cameron

Charles Cameron

Dean (Educational Technology); M.A., ULM

Photo of Angie Cao

Angie Cao

Assistant Director of Student Services, B.A., Nanjing Normal University

Photo of Penny Carroll-Jeter

Penny Carroll-Jeter

Assessment Specialist (Academic Affairs), M.S., LSU-S

Rachael Carter

Coordinator for CAPP (Academic Planning), B.G.S., LSU-S; M.A.Ed. - Liberty University

Randy Case

Senior Network Engineer (Computer Services and Institutional Research), A.A.S., Kilgore

Photo of Stephen Chisley

Stephen Chisley

Assistant Director – College Transition Programs; Master of Science in Education - Jackson State University

Hayley Clark

Enrollment Coordinator (College Transition Program)

Photo of Alyssa Coats

Alyssa Coats

Director of Student Success (Enrollment Management)

Photo of Davi Cole

Davi Cole

Program Support Coordinator (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences)

Mandy Cole

Assistant Director for Human Resources (Human Resources)

Photo of Kim Condon

Kim Condon

Events & Program Coordinator (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences)

Photo of Amanda Crane

Amanda Crane

Digital Communications Coordinator (Public Relations); B.A., Northwestern State University

Photo of Adrian Crawford

Adrian Crawford

Dean (Learning Resources), M.M.L.I.S, University of Southern California

Kevin Cuppia

Chief Executive Officer, Workforce Training Alliance

Photo of Adam Dansby

Adam Dansby

Director of Business Operations (Finance); B.S. - UF, A.A. - PBSC, M.B.A. - EU

Karlie Delhommer

Recruiter (Enrollment Management)

Photo of Vicki Dennis

Vicki Dennis

Dean (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences), B.A., M.A., LSU-S

Gayle Doucet

Director (Purchasing), B.S., Louisiana Tech

Bryan Doxey

Budget and Reporting Accountant (Finance)

Michelle Elder

Financial Aid Advisor (Financial Aid)

Photo of Callie Ellis

Callie Ellis

Student Success Coach, Enrollment Management

Rebecca Emerson

Administrative Coordinator III (Human Resources)

Clyde English

Maintenance Repairer II (Physical Plant)

Photo of Stormy Epps

Stormy Epps

Program Support Coordinator (Business and Information Technology)

Photo of Holly French-Hart

Holly French-Hart

Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness; M.A. Penn State; M.A. Florida State; D.Mgt., University of Maryland University College

Photo of Cecilia Frett

Cecilia Frett

Assistant Dean of Allied Health (Nursing and Allied Health)

Chloe Garrison

Instruction Specialist (Academic Affairs)

Photo of Erica George

Erica George

Program Support Coordinator (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences)

Photo of Courtney Giddens

Courtney Giddens

Academic Records Specialist (Admissions/Registrar )

Bobby Gilliam

Head Coach - Baseball (Athletics)

Charles Glasgow

Maintenance Coordinator (Physical Plant)

Michael Goings

Facilities/Property Manager, Physical Plant (Natchitoches/Sabine Valley)

Photo of Joel Guros

Joel Guros

Support Coordinator, Learning Resources

Sandra Guy

Administrative Coordinator III (Institutional Advancement & Grants), B.S., LSU

Photo of Caitlin Hanning

Caitlin Hanning

Support Coordinator (Finance)

Katrina Heard

Senior Accountant (Finance)

Kori Hearon

Assistant Director for Purchasing; A.D., Tyler Jr. College

Photo of Mary Heim

Mary Heim

Administrative Coordinator III (Workforce Solutions)

Photo of Emily Henry

Emily Henry

Lab Coordinator – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Photo of Jonathan Hickman

Jonathan Hickman

Program Director - Federation for Advanced Manufacturing Education (FAME) & Instructor

Photo of Jamie Hilburn

Jamie Hilburn

Program Coordinator (Admission)

Adam Hofslund

Network Engineer (Computer Services)

Photo of Don Howard

Don Howard

Director, Workforce Solutions

Photo of Kayla Hullaby

Kayla Hullaby

Associate Director – Financial Aid

Photo of Emily Huntsberger

Emily Huntsberger

Support Technician (Educational Technology); B.S., Bowling Green State University

Photo of Mark Hux

Mark Hux

English Language Services Coordinator (College Transition Programs); B.S., LSU-S

Photo of Stephanie Jackson

Stephanie Jackson

Teach Professional Job Development Coach/TAACCT 4 (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Photo of Shawndreka Jelks

Shawndreka Jelks

Program Coordinator – Nursing and Allied Health

Photo of Wardena Jenkins

Wardena Jenkins

Pre-Employment Transition Manager (Program for Successful Employment), A.A.S., BPCC; B.A., Wiley College

Photo of Cynthia Johnson

Cynthia Johnson

Assistant Campus Administrator, Sabine Valley Campus (External Affairs)

Natosha Johnson

Integrated Student Services Program Director-Natchitoches/Sabine Valley Campuses, M.B.A., University of Phoenix

Olivia Johnson

Support Coordinator (Cavalier Care Center)

Roxie Johnson

Library Assistant (Learning Resources), A.S., BPCC

Chad Johnston

Director of Facilities (Physical Plant), B.S., Louisiana Tech

Photo of Hasim Jones

Hasim Jones

Program Support Coordinator (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)

Photo of Teresa Jones

Teresa Jones

Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management and Student Services; MPA, Grambling State University; PhD, Jackson State University

Alice Joseph

Financial Aid Advisor (Financial Aid), A.A.S., BPCC

Tammy Kennedy

Administrative Coordinator III (Finance Department)

Thorn LaCaze

Campus Administrator, Natchitoches and Sabine Valley

Photo of Preston Langley

Preston Langley

Director of Strategic Enrollment Initiatives & Recruiting (Enrollment Management); B.A., LSU-Shreveport; M.A., LSU-Shreveport

Jennifer Lawrence

Vice Chancellor for External Affairs & Chief of Staff, B.A., M.A., LSUS; EdD., La Tech

Monica Lawrence

Director Academic Outreach (Institutional Research and Grants); BA, University of Alabama; MA, University of Mobile

Lari Leber

Program Support Coordinator (Business and Information Technology)

Tamekia Lewis

Financial Aid Student Loan Coordinator (Financial Aid), A.A.S., BPCC

Nancy Lopez

Advancement Coordinator (Institutional Advancement); AAS - BPCC

Zabrina Mack

Medical Program Manager (Workforce Solutions)

Photo of Cathy Maddry

Cathy Maddry

Assistant Dean of Nursing (Nursing and Allied Health); Instructor (Nursing and Allied Health), M.S.N., Grambling State University

Photo of Ali Martin

Ali Martin

Marketing & Brand Manager (Public Relations), B.F.A., LSU

Heather McDuffie

Program Coordinator - Admissions

Photo of Kelly McFarland

Kelly McFarland

Support Coordinator (Student Life)

Photo of Kimberly McKinney

Kimberly McKinney

Academic Affairs Coordinator (Academic Affairs)

Photo of Richard McLemore

Richard McLemore

HR Assistant - Payroll (Human Resources); BS in Management and Administration - LSUS

Photo of Dominick Mercer

Dominick Mercer

Recruiter (Enrollment Management); A.A. - BPCC, B.A. - LSU-S

Photo of Sharonda Mikle

Sharonda Mikle

Associate Vice Chancellor of Instruction; Ed.D., Louisiana Tech

Troy Montet

Telephone/Computer Support Technician

Photo of Christy Moore

Christy Moore

Executive Assistant to the Chancellor (Administration); A.A.S., BPCC

Photo of Denise Morgan

Denise Morgan

Coordinator (Student Services), A.G.S., A.A.S., BPCC; B.S., LSU-S

Anitra Moses

Beyond Graduation Coach (Natchitoches)

Photo of Ben Moss

Ben Moss

Graphic Design Specialist (Public Relations); B.A., Northwestern State University; M.A., Louisiana State University-Shreveport

Martha Mulder

Administrative Assistant III (Purchasing)

Mary Myers

Director of Financial Aid; A.G.S., BPCC; B.S., Louisiana Tech University

Nicolle Niette

Campus Marketing Coordinator - Natchitoches Campus

Melissa Noguez-Barrera

Program Support Coordinator – College Transition Programs

Photo of Amanda Nordberg

Amanda Nordberg

Athletic Director (Student Services); Head Coach - Softball

Gifty Pokuaa

Data Analytics Specialist (Computer Services)

Photo of Eddy Presley

Eddy Presley

Testing Coordinator (Testing Center); B.S., LSUS

Photo of Karen Recchia

Karen Recchia

Executive Director for Athletics, M.Ed., LSU-S

Photo of Amanda Reese

Amanda Reese

Program Assistant (College Transition Programs), B.G.S., Louisiana Tech University

Nathan Renfro

Training Coordinator – Educational Technology; M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction - LSUS

Michael Richards

Landscape and Grounds Manager (Physical Plant)

Photo of Loretta Richardson

Loretta Richardson

Student Success Coach – Enrollment Management; Master of Public Administration (MPA), Grand Canyon University; Master of Arts (MA), Grand Canyon University

Gary Roberson

Assitant Coach - Men's Basketball (Athletics)

Photo of Sandra Roberson

Sandra Roberson

Director (Cavalier Care Center); B.G.S., Louisiana Tech University

Photo of Richard Robins

Richard Robins

Student Success Coach (Enrollment Management)

Photo of Mack Roote

Mack Roote

Warehouse Supervisor (Purchasing)

Tammy Roy

Administrative Assistant III (Educational Technology); AGS - BPCC

Photo of Amy Russell

Amy Russell

Program Support Coordinator (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics); A.A.S., BPCC; B.G.S., NSU

Renee Ryan

Administrative Assistant III (Campus Police Department)

Photo of Tiffany Sandifer

Tiffany Sandifer

Director (Student Life); B.A., LSUS; M.A., Northwestern State University

Photo of Rae Schneider

Rae Schneider

Program Support Coordinator (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences)

Natalie Smith

Accounting Assistant (Finance); MBA - LSUS

Photo of Richard Smith

Richard Smith

Project Director, LED/GDIT (Business and Information Technology)

Sara Smith

HR Benefits Coordinator

Photo of Katrina Sproles

Katrina Sproles

Student Services Support Coordinator; A.A.S., BPCC; B.G.S., Louisiana Tech

Photo of Susan Stakes

Susan Stakes

Program Manager (Veteran Educational Services - Veterans Resource Center), A.G.S., BPCC; B.I.S., LA Tech

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Photo of Jimmy Stewart

Jimmy Stewart

Chief of Campus Police (Campus Security)

Susannah Stinson

Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement; JD, Louisiana State University; BA, Louisiana Tech University

Rebecca Stone

Senior Accounts Assistant (Finance Department)

Guy Stutes

Shop Manager – CAMET (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Photo of Justin Tison

Justin Tison

Director of College Transition Programs; B.A., M.Ed., LSUS

Michelle Triplet

Program Coordinator (Student Life); A.S., BPCC

Donovan Turner

Financial Aid Manager (Financial Aid)

Melissa Velasquez

Financial Aid Advisor (Financial Aid), A.S., BPCC

Juanita Venable

Senior Programmer/Analyst (Computer Services and Institutional Research)

Photo of Kathleen Vercher

Kathleen Vercher

Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management (Admissions/Registrar); A.A., BPCC; B.B.A., ULM; M.B.A., LSU-S.

Jo Ann Walker

Campus Coordinator - Natchitoches

Photo of Gary Ware

Gary Ware

Instructional Technology Specialist (Canvas Administrator) - Educational Technology

Photo of Cindy Watson

Cindy Watson

Administrative Coordinator IV (Computer Services and Institutional Research)

Photo of Jimmy Webb

Jimmy Webb

Campus Security & Safety Coordinator (Campus Security)

Photo of Heather Weldon

Heather Weldon

Laboratory Coordinator (Nursing and Allied Health); A.S.N., BPCC

Photo of Michael Whitaker

Michael Whitaker

Dean - Nursing & Allied Health; B.AS., NSU; MBA, University of Texas at Tyler

David White

Performing Arts Technical Coordinator (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences); B.A., Louisiana Tech University

Photo of Ny’Kendra White

Ny’Kendra White

Testing Coordinator (Testing Center)

Photo of Cheryl Wieser

Cheryl Wieser

Director of Testing Center and Prometric Test Center (Workforce Solutions); M.Ed., Boston College

Sherry Wilkerson

Accounting Supervisor (Finance Department), A.S., BPCC

Photo of Brenda Williams

Brenda Williams

Student Success Coordinator (Nursing and Allied Health), M.A., Louisiana Tech University

Louis Williams

Project Coordinator (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences); A.A., BPCC; B.G.S., M.A., Louisiana Tech University

Rebecca Williams

Student Success Coordinator (Enrollment Management ) - Sabine Valley

Cynthia Winham

Administrative Coordinator IV (Finance Department)

Photo of Deborah Woods

Deborah Woods

Workforce Development Coordinator (Workforce Solutions); Bachelor of General Studies - Louisiana Tech University

Photo of Justin Woods

Justin Woods

Student Success Coach (Enrollment Management)

Photo of Maria Zuniga-Hernandez

Maria Zuniga-Hernandez

Support Coordinator (Enrollment Management and Student Services)