Parking Information

Welcome to Bossier Parish Community College’s Parking web page. We hope that you will find information that will be useful in making your experience on the BPCC campus as pleasant and trouble free as possible.

Parking Locations

Student parking is allowed ONLY in the WHITE STRIPED AREAS. Students can NOT park in Faculty/Staff Parking or Visitor Parking.

Faculty and Staff Parking is designated by the YELLOW STRIPED AREAS and/or SIGNAGE.

Visitor Parking is designated with Visitor Parking signs in the Building A drive.

Parking violation fines
Parking violation fines may be paid at the Business Office, Building F, 1st floor. Fines may also be paid online. Fines are listed on the violation citation.

Parking violation fines are as follows:
$15.00 - Faculty Parking $20.00 - No Parking Permit
$20.00 - Expired Parking Permit $50.00 - Handicapped Parking
$25.00 - Fire Lane $10.00 - Lawn/Sidewalk
$25.00 No Parking Zone $10.00 - Blocking driveway/vehicle
$10.00 - Reserved Space $20.00 - Failure to obey officer

The BPCC Campus Police Department is located in Building F, Room 104. The office is open during school hours.

In the event that a person locks his/her keys in a vehicle, only a licensed locksmith may unlock the vehicle. No police officer or fire personnel can unlock a vehicle unless it is an emergency or there is no licensed locksmith within that city. (R. S. 36:409C(8) subsection F)

Students indebted to the College will not receive official transcripts and will not be able to register for school until all fines are paid.

All vehicles parked on the campus of Bossier Parish Community College must have a parking pass. Parking permits must be obtained EACH semester.

Parking permits fee are:

  • Summer $30.00
  • Fall $50.00
  • Spring $50.00

Disabled veterans receive one permit at no charge each semester. Additional vehicles registered are charged the fee set for that semester. Veterans must provide their veteran’s identification card in addition to their vehicle registration.

Visitor Parking is designated with Visitor Parking signs in the Building A drive. Students are not allowed to park in Visitor Parking for any reason.

During registration, parking permits must be obtained before paying tuition. You must have your vehicle registration to obtain the permit.

If a student does not have a BPCC parking permit, a vehicle registration check will be conducted through the State of Louisiana or officers will identify the student through other means.

Absolutely no parking on Cyber Innovation Center grounds. Cars will be towed at the owner’s expense.

For more information on Parking Guidelines and Regulations, see the Student Handbook