Campus Police

BPCC is patrolled by both campus police, off-duty and on-duty commissioned Bossier City police officers during all school hours, and normal patrol of the Bossier City Police Department 24 hours a day. Police cars are visible on campus during these hours. Since Campus Police and Bossier City Police are the same, BPCC benefits from their arrest authority.

All crimes occurring in or on the facilities of BPCC shall be reported immediately to any Campus Police Officer or a faculty/staff member who will notify the proper authority.

BPCC has a formal agreement with the Bossier City Police Department to receive reports of criminal activity at off-campus student organizations whose participants are BPCC students, including the student organizations with off-campus housing facilities. The Chief will track the case through its final disposition by the BCPD and file the report accordingly. The Chief of Campus Police shall be responsible for establishing and maintaining files used to report criminal activity for the Uniform Crime Report in accordance with the Crime Awareness and Campus Security Act of 1990.

BPCC as a Memorandum of Understanding with local law enforcement regarding investigations of sexual assaults.

Getting Help

The Campus Police Department is located in F-104.

In the event of a crime, accident, emergency, or injury occurring on campus, please do the following:

Call 911 if there is a fire or life-threatening medical emergency.

Report the incident to the proper school authority as soon as possible using any of the following:

For information about:

  • Active Shooter Policy
  • Major Disaster Plan: Lockdown or Evacuation
  • Crime Prevention Tips
    • Violent Outbreak on Campus
  • Security Policies
    • Classroom Security
    • Classroom Visitors
    • Disruptive Students
  • On Campus Disciplinary Actions

Please refer to The Campus Safety and Annual Security Report.