Student Conduct

Code of Student Conduct

The Code of Student Conduct is promulgated by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Services under the power and authority delegated by the Board of Louisiana Community and Technical College Supervisors and through the Chancellor of the College. The Chancellor has delegated the Vice Chancellor for Student Services as the agency responsible for the administration of discipline at BPCC.

Student conduct in the environment of an institution of higher learning is expected to be exemplary at all times. All BPCC students are expected to become acquainted with College policies, requirements, procedures, and regulations regarding all phases of College operations. In addition, students are to remain cognizant of and abide by these policies and procedures during their attendance at BPCC.

BPCC affirms the rights of a student to fair and reasonable resolution of problems, which may accompany the condition of his/her enrollment. Alleged violations of the Code of Student Conduct will be adjudicated by the College’s judicial process. It is not meant to replace or substitute the criminal justice system or other legal avenues. However, the process is designed to promote a student’s sense of responsibility by enforcing accountability, and to protect our community by, where necessary, removing or restricting those who may pose a threat to others.


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