Honoring a Legacy: BPCC Natchitoches Renames Student Salon in Memory of Petula Holden

Honoring a Legacy: BPCC Natchitoches Renames Student Salon in Memory of Petula Holden

NATCHITOCHES – The Cosmetology Program at Bossier Parish Community College’s Natchitoches campus paid tribute to the legacy of Petula Holden Thursday with the renaming of its student salon in her honor. The dedication ceremony was a poignant commemoration of Holden's profound impact as a cherished instructor and esteemed program director.

Holden's family members were deeply moved by the ceremony, expressing their heartfelt appreciation for the recognition. Christy Holden, Petula’s daughter, said, "This dedication was an exact representation of who she was. She loved her school, she loved her students, and this means everything to me and my family. We are so thankful and blessed, today was a celebration here on earth, but it was also a celebration in heaven."

Christopher Holden, Petula's son, echoed the sentiment, stating, "It is a great honor to be remembered in such a way. She impacted so many lives, and this is another way that her name and legacy will live on forever."

Joseph Bush Jr., Petula Holden's brother, also shared his sentiments, saying, "I am just honored to be her brother, and to be inside of this legacy that she has created. I'm happy that she is being acknowledged because she deserves it."

Petula Holden epitomized compassion, kindness, and unwavering dedication. Her influence extended far beyond the confines of the classroom, leaving an indelible mark on the BPCC, the community and beyond.

Dr. Thorn LaCaze, Campus Administrator of BPCC Natchitoches, underscored the significance of the dedication, stating, "Mrs. Holden made many remarkable contributions to our program over her years here. The renaming of the student salon will be a lasting reminder of her profound impact on our community."

In conjunction with the renaming ceremony, the Cosmetology Program reinstated its Student Salon Days, an initiative envisioned by Holden to celebrate her students’ talents, creativity, and skills with the community.

DaGabrielle Paul, BPCC Natchitoches Cosmetology Program Coordinator, highlighted the importance of the salon's reopening for student-led services, stating, "The reopening of the salon floor for student-led services will continue to bring the community together while helping our students get the experience they need before entering the real world of cosmetology."

The renaming of the student salon stands as a testament to Petula Holden's enduring impact and serves as a beacon of inspiration for generations of aspiring cosmetologists.

BPCC’s Cosmetology program prepares individuals to work efficiently in the role of cosmetologists and/or hair stylists. Classroom instruction includes the study of anatomy and physiology of the head, neck, and other areas, infection control, decontamination and sanitation of tools, hair cutting, styling, and coloring, permanent waving and relaxing, facials, and the application of cosmetic makeup. Manicuring, pedicuring, and salon management are also included. Graduates of this program work in a variety of professions in the beauty industry, including hairstylist, beautician, makeup artist, and salon or spa manager. Visit our website for more information and to see the course requirements.