Bossier Parish Community College People

Cynthia Adams

Administrative Coordinator III (Science, Nursing, and Allied Health)

Jamie Adams

Associate Professor (Nursing and Allied Health), B.S., M.S., Kansas State

Mary Adams

Assistant Dean - Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Bob Alexander

Associate Professor (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences), B.A., ULM; M.A., University of West Florida

Jackie Allen

Instructor (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences); BS, Louisiana Tech University

Michele Allison

Instructor, Occupational Therapy Assistant Academic Fieldwork Coordinator, Licensed Occupational Therapist

Jeff Anderson

Instructor (Nursing and Allied Health), NRP, B.S., Louisiana Tech

Tianna Andrews

Student Success Coach (Enrollment Management); AGS - BPCC; B.A. – LSUS, M.Ed. - LSUS

John Anglin

Head Coach - Men's Basketball (Athletics)

Crystal Ashby

Business Manager (Nursing and Allied Health); Masters, LSUS

Daniel Atkinson

Adult Education Instructor (College Transition Program)

Kareem Awad

Data Analytics Specialist

Bryan Babcock

Program Coordinator - Special Enrollment Initiatives (Admissions); B.A., Louisiana Tech University

Ashley Bagley

Associate Registrar (Admissions/Registrar), B.A.S., East Texas Baptist University

Megan Bange

Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Planning, Budget, and Resources; M.A., Louisiana Tech University

Wesley Bange

Chief Information and Technology Officer (Computer Services), B.S., Louisiana Tech

Charles Barnes

Adjunct - Faculty (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences)

Tina Barth

Program Support Coordinator (Athletics), A.A.S., BPCC

Rachel Basco

Assistant Professor (Nursing and Allied Health)

Tierney Bashara

Director (Human Resources), B.S., LSU-S

Laura Bass

Financial Aid Advisor (Financial Aid)

Rick Bateman

Chancellor (Administration), Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin

Paul Belcher

Program Coordinator (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences); BA, Centenary College of Louisiana

Jay Bell

Student Success Coach, Enrollment Management; M.A., Northwestern State University

Terrie Bergeron

Associate Professor (Nursing and Allied Health), M.S.N., American Sentinal University

Beau Bevan

Instructor/Project Director - Fire Science (Nursing and Allied Health), B.S. Fire Administration Bowling Green State University

Joey Blackmon

Instructor (Welding) - Natchitoches

Christine Bohl

Instructor (Nursing and Allied Health)

Stephen Booker

Instructor of Carpentry Technology – College Transition Programs

Alex Boone

Instructor (Business and Information Technology)

Denise Bossier

Instructor/Program Director - EMT (Nursing and Allied Health)

James Boyter

Resource Coordinator (Communication and Performing Arts), B.A., Centenary College of Louisiana

Kelly Brandon

Associate Professor, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program Director, Licensed Occupational Therapist

Lisa Brantly

Administrative Coordinator III (Public Relations)

Tara Breeland-Southam

Professor (Nursing and Allied Health), M.S., Texas Tech University

Suzanne Brooks

Administrative Coordinator 2 (Computer Services and Institutional Research)

Bobbie Brown

Employment Specialist (Program for Successful Employment), A.G.S., BPCC

Joey Brown

Bursar (Finance Department), B.S., Texas Tech; M.B.A., LSU-S

Jonathan Brown

Assistant Professor (Liberal Arts), M.F.A., University of Florida

Lauren Brown

Instructor (Communication and Performing Arts), M.F.A., University of Southern California

Joseph Brownlee

Dean - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; M.S. - NSU, FL, B.A. - UIS

Matthew Broxson

Assistant Dean - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Karel Brummett

Instructor; Program Director - Pharmacy Technician

Ty Bryan

Professor, Assistant Dean (Nursing and Allied Health), M.S. Auburn University

Charles Bryant

Adjunct - Faculty

Laura Bryant

Professor (Nursing and Allied Health), Physical Therapist Assistant Program Director, Licensed Physical Therapist; M.S. LSU-S

Maudie Bryant

Tutor Center Manager (Learning Resources), M.A., ULM

Steven Burke

Programmer/Analyst (Computer Services and Institutional Research), M.S., LSU-S

Kathy Busch

Administrative Coordinator IV (Career Services), A.A., BPCC

Cynthia Butler

Instructor - History (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences)

Ruby Butler

Athletic Coordinator/Cross Country Head Coach (Athletics)

Quentin Calhoun

Assistant Dean - Business and Information Technology

Charles Cameron

Dean (Educational Technology); M.A., ULM

Amy Cannon

Instructor (Nursing and Allied Health), M.S.N., Northwestern State University

Angie Cao

Disability Services Specialist (Student Services), B.A., Nanjing Normal University

Penny Carroll-Jeter

Assessment Specialist (Academic Affairs), M.S., LSU-S

Rachael Carter

Coordinator for CAPP (Academic Planning), B.G.S., LSU-S; M.A.Ed. - Liberty University

Randy Case

Senior Network Engineer (Computer Services and Institutional Research), A.A.S., Kilgore

Elisabeth Cason

Associate Professor (Business and Information Technology); M.B.A., University of Dallas

Gulnara Chandler

Professor (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences); EdD., LA Tech University

Vladimir Chaynikov

Instructor of Software Development (Technology Engineering and Mathematics)

Steven Chisley

Enrollment Coordinator – College Transition Programs; Master of Science in Education - Jackson State University

Jessica Cobbs

Professor (Liberal Arts), M.A., Louisiana Tech

Richard Cockerham

Registrar (Admissions/Registrar), A.S., BPCC; B.A., LSU-S

Sarah Codarin Morgan

Instructor, Occupational Therapy Assistant Program, Licensed Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant

Mandy Cole

HR Coordinator (Human Resources)

Kim Condon

Events & Program Coordinator (Communication and Performing Arts)

Yolanda Cooper

Associate Professor (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences), B.G.S., LSUS; M.Ed., LSUS

Bradley Corley

Instructor (Welding) - Sabine Valley (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

Ginger Covington

Assistant Professor (Nursing and Allied Health); M.S.N., University of Missouri - Columbia

Jennifer Cox

Instructor - Mathematics

Kimberly Cox

Professor (Nursing and Allied Health), Physical Therapist Assistant Program Clinical Coordinator, Licensed Physical Therapist; B.S. LSUMC (PT)

Cassandra Coyle

Instructor - Practical Nursing

Amanda Crane

Digital Communications Coordinator (Public Relations); B.A., Northwestern State University

Adrian Crawford

Dean (Learning Resources), M.M.L.I.S, University of Southern California

Ray Scott Crawford

Professor - Theater (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences); B.A., Louisiana Tech; M.A., Louisiana Tech; Ph.D., Texas Tech

Wendell D’Artois

Instructor of Practical Nursing (Nursing and Allied Health)

Adam Dansby

Assistant Bursar (Finance); B.S. - UF, A.A. - PBSC

Kelsy Davis

Beyond Graduation Coach (Natchitoches)

Pierre Davis

Assistant Director, Purchasing

Michael DeArmond

LMS Support Technician – Educational Technology; A.A.S.

Vicki Dennis

Dean (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences), B.A., M.A., LSU-S

Donna Densmore

Professor (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math); M.E. LSU-S

Gayle Doucet

Director (Purchasing), B.S., Louisiana Tech

Julie Dupont

Instructor of Culinary Arts (Business), Norwegian Pastry Chef

Alexandra Ekstrom

Instructor (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences); B.A., LSU; M.A., NSU

Callie Ellis

Program Support Coordinator (STEM)

Loren Elwell

Property Control & Receiving Manager (Purchasing)

Rebecca Emerson

Administrative Coordinator III (Human Resources)

Cammie Emory

Professor (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), M.S., Kansas State

Clyde English

Maintenance Repair I (Physical Plant)

Amy Ennis

Instructor (Adult Education - College Transition Program) - Natchitoches

Stormy Epps

Administrative Coordinator III (Business and Information Technology)

Gretchen Ferguson

Instructor, Practical Nursing - Natchitoches (Nursing and Allied Health)

Kirk Fontenot

Assistant Professor (Liberal Arts), B.A., Louisiana College; M.A.,

Clarissa Frazier

Student Success Coordinator (Enrollment Management) - Natchitoches

Brandi Fredieu

Instructor - Practical Nursing (Natchitoches)

Eric Freeman

Instructor (Business and Information Technology); BS - Network Operations and Security, Western Governors University; MAT, Mississippi Valley State University; MBA, Western Governors University

Holly French-Hart

Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and Institutional Effectiveness; M.A. Penn State; M.A. Florida State; D.Mgt., University of Maryland University College

Cecilia Frett

Instructor - Biological Science (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Raymond Gaines

Professor (Business and Information Technology); MBA, LSUS; J.D., Oklahoma City University

Courtney Giddens

Admissions Evaluator (Admissions)

Bobby Gilliam

Head Coach - Baseball (Athletics)

Charles Glasgow

Maintenance Coordinator (Physical Plant)

Edwin Goerbig

Telephone & Computer Technician – Computer Services/Institutional Research

Michelle Grant

Professor (Business Division), M.B.A. Louisiana Tech

Amber Green

Instructor (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences), M.S., Louisiana State University Shreveport; Ph.D., Southern University and A&M College

Ashley Grisham

Associate Professor (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences), M.Ed., LSU-S

Karen Guerin

Professor (Liberal Arts), M.L.A., LSU-S

Joel Guros

Support Coordinator, Learning Resources

Lucas Guy

Instructor (Air Conditioning & Refrigeration) - Natchitoches

Sandra Guy

Administrative Coordinator III (Institutional Advancement & Grants), B.S., LSU

Randy Haley

Instructor (Technology Engineering and Mathematics), M.S., Western Governors University; B.S. East Texas Baptist University

Joseph Halliday

Instructor (Culinary Arts)

Lakeisha Hamilton

Instructor (Communication and Performing Arts)

Caitlin Hanning

Support Coordinator (Finance)

Deanna Hardy

Associate Professor (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math); M.Ed., LSU-S

Mark Harner

Assistant Master Instructor (Technology Engineering and Mathematics), A.A.S., BPCC; B.A., Tulane University

Kristin Harper

Enrollment Advisor (Admissions/Registrar), B.S.P., LSUS

Kori Hearon

Senior Systems Analyst (Computer Services and Institutional Research), A.D., Tyler Jr. College

Mary Heim

Administrative Coordinator III (Workforce Solutions)

Natalie Hendrix

Assistant Professor (Science Nursing and Allied Health), M.S., ULM

Emily Henry

Lab Coordinator – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Kelly Hernandez

Instructor (Medical Assistant) - Sabine Valley

Amanda Herrington

Instructor (Nursing and Allied Health)

Dan Hershberger

Instructor - Industrial Engineering Technology (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Addie Hinze

Associate Professor (STEM); B.S., Centenary College; Ph.D., UT Southwestern Medical Center

Wesley Hinze

Instructor (Behavioral Science), Ph.D., Baylor University

Adam Hofslund

Network Engineer (Computer Services)

Petula Holden

Instructor & Program Coordinator (Cosmetology) - Natchitoches

Danny Hoston

Associate Professor (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math); M.S. Northeast LA State University

Kayla Hullaby

Support Coordinator for Enrollment Management – Financial Aid

Karen Humphrey

Instructor (Science Nursing and Allied Health), B.S.N., NSU; M.S.N. LSUHSC-New Orleans

Emily Huntsberger

Production Coordinator (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences); B.S., Bowling Green State University

Mark Hux

ELS Coordinator (College Transition Programs), B.S., LSU-S

Jennifer Igo

Assistant Professor (Technology Engineering and Mathematics), M.Ed., LSUS.

Stephanie Jackson

Teach Professional Job Development Coach/TAACCT 4 (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics)

LaWanda Jefferson

Instructor - Practical Nursing

Shawndreka Jelks

Program Support Coordinator – Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

Wardena Jenkins

Pre-Employment Transition Manager (Program for Successful Employment), A.A.S., BPCC

Adrian Johnson

Electronic Resources / Instructional Librarian (Learning Resources), M.L.I.S., LSU

Cynthia Johnson

Curriculum & Instruction Specialist (Academic Affairs)

Karen Johnson

Instructor - Psychology

Natosha Johnson

Program Director (BPCC@NSU), M.B.A., University of Phoenix

Roishene Johnson

Professor (Nursing and Allied Health); M.S., Texas A&M University - College Station, TX

Roxie Johnson

Library Assistant (Learning Resources), A.S., BPCC

Chad Johnston

Director of Facilities (Physical Plant), B.S., Louisiana Tech

Laura Jones

Instructor (Liberal Arts)

Teresa Jones

Executive Director for Enrollment Management (Administration); MPA, Grambling State University; PhD, Jackson State University

Carole Jorstad

Instructor (Nursing and Allied Health); Masters of Science in Nursing, UTMB Galveston

Alice Joseph

Financial Aid Advisor (Financial Aid), A.A.S., BPCC

Tammy Kennedy

Administrative Coordinator III (Finance Department)

Keali Knowles

Instructor (Technology Engineering and Mathematics), B.S. Southern Arkansas University; M.Ed. North Central University; M.Ed. University of Missouri; Ed.D. Grand Canyon University

Lamont Lackman

Assistant Professor (Technology Engineering and Mathematics), M.S., Louisiana Tech University

Seth Landry

Telephone/Computer Technician – Computer Services

Preston Langley

Director of Strategic Enrollment – Enrollment Management; B.A., LSU-Shreveport; M.A., LSU-Shreveport

Jennifer Lawrence

Vice Chancellor for External Affairs & Chief of Staff, B.A., M.A., LSUS; EdD., La Tech

Kelley Lawrence

Instructor of Nursing (SNAH)

Monica Lawrence

Director Academic Outreach (Institutional Research and Grants); BA, University of Alabama; MA, University of Mobile

Melanie Lea

Associate Professor (Communication and Performing Arts), M.A., Northern Arizona University

Rona Leber

Professor/Associate Dean (Communication and Performing Arts), M.A. Eastern New Mexico University

Tracy Lee

Instructor (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), B.S. Louisiana Tech University

Tamekia Lewis

Financial Aid Student Loan Coordinator (Financial Aid), A.A.S., BPCC

Jennifer Lofton

Assistant Professor (Liberal Arts), M.A., Louisiana Tech University

Nancy Lopez

Advancement Coordinator (Institutional Advancement); AAS - BPCC

Alana Lord

Assistant Professor (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences), Ph.D., University of Florida

Kip Lyles

Instructor (College Transition Programs)

Zabrina Mack

Medical Program Manager (Workforce Solutions)

Cathy Maddry

Assistant Dean - Nursing, and Allied Health; Instructor (Nursing and Allied Health), M.S.N., Grambling State University

Nathaniel Manning

Instructor (Business), M.S., University of North Dakota

Gordon Marshall

Project Director - Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Technologies (CAMET)

Ali Martin

Marketing & Brand Manager (Public Relations), B.F.A., LSU

Allison Martin

Director; Institutional Effectiveness Initiatives (Administration), M.A. LSU-S

James Mashburn

Instructor (Welding) - Natchitoches

Kelly McDade

Associate Professor (Liberal Arts), B.A., Newcomb College of Tulane University; M.L.A. Louisiana State University-Shreveport

Kayla McDonald

Instructor (Practical Nursing) - Natchitoches

Kelly McFarland

Support Coordinator (Student Life)

Wendy Mcgee

Assistant Master Instructor (Science and Allied Health), B.S., NSU

Kimberly McKinney

Administrative Assistant IV (Academic Affairs)

Richard McLemore

Program Support Coordinator – Business; BS in Management and Administration - LSUS

Jacqueline McMichael

Adult Education Instructor (College Transition Program)

Kerry Mcnamara

Instructor (Science and Allied Health), M.S., UNO

Sharonda Mikle

Associate Vice Chancellor of Instruction; M.A., Louisiana Tech

Marmeshonda Miles

Instructor (Science Nursing and Allied Health)

Shalese Mitchell

Enrollment Advisor (Admissions )

Christy Moore

Executive Assistant to the Chancellor (Administration); A.A.S., BPCC

Lee Anne Moore

ELS Instructor (College Transition Programs), M.A., Northwestern State University

Douglas Moran

Instructor - Biological Science (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Denise Morgan

Coordinator (Student Services), A.G.S., A.A.S., BPCC; B.S., LSU-S

Martha Mulder

Administrative Assistant III (Purchasing)

Erica Mullins

Assistant Master Instructor (Nursing and Allied Health); B.S., Pfeiffer University

Mary Myers

Director of Financial Aid; A.G.S., BPCC; B.S., Louisiana Tech University

Veloria Nanze

Executive Director of Business Operations (Finance); BA - Texas Lutheran University; MS - Texas A&M University-Texarkana

Rhonda Neil

Assistant Professor (Technology Engineering and Mathematics), M.S., M.B.A., LSUS.

Sheryl Nelson

Assistance Professor (Nursing and Allied Health), M.S., LSUHSC-New Orleans.

Theresa Nettles

Instructor of Psychology (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences); MS - Psychology - University of Texas at Arlington

Melissa Noguez-Barrera

Program Support Coordinator – College Transition Programs

Amanda Nordberg

Head Coach - Softball; Athletic Director, Student Services

Allison Nutt

Instructor (Nursing and Allied Health); NRP, BS Biology, Centenary College of Louisiana

Timothy Osteen

System Administrator/Catalog Librarian (Learning Resources), MS-LS, University of N. Texas

Melanie Petchak

Assistant Professor (Science and Allied Health), B.S., NLU; M.S., NSU

Melissa Pietsch

Instructor of Practical Nursing (Science, Nursing, and Allied Health)

Gabriel Powell

Instructor, Industrial Manufacturing Technology - Natchitoches (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Angela Preimesberger

Instructor – Pediatric Nursing (Nursing and Allied Health); M.S.N., University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Eddy Presley

Testing Coordinator (Testing Center); B.S., LSUS

Meosha Rambo

Comptroller (Finance)

Karen Recchia

Vice Chancellor (Student Services), M.Ed., LSU-S

Charles Reed

Professor (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), M.S. Michigan State University

Amanda Reese

Program Assistant (College Transition Programs), B.G.S., Louisiana Tech University

Nathan Renfro

Training Coordinator – Educational Technology; M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction - LSUS

Michael Richards

Landscape and Grounds Manager (Physical Plant)

Kathryn Richardson

Instructor/Program Director for Nursing (SNAH); Master of Science Nursing - Western Governors University

Loretta Richardson

Student Success Coach – Enrollment Management; Master of Public Administration (MPA), Grand Canyon University; Master of Arts (MA), Grand Canyon University

Sandra Roberson

Director (Cavalier Care Center), B.G.S., Louisiana Tech University

Tanja Robinson

Instructor (Adult Education (CTP))

Jennifer Robison

Instructor (Communication and Performing Arts), B.F.A., Louisiana Tech University; M.F.A., Louisiana Tech University

Chris Rondeau

Professor (Business and Information Technology); M.Ed., NSU

Mack Roote

Warehouse Supervisor (Purchasing)

Alicia Rossano

Library Assistant (Learning Resources), B.A., McNeese State University

Tammy Roy

Administrative Assistant III (Educational Technology); AGS - BPCC

Abbey Rubel

Adult Education Instructor – College Transition Programs; Bachelor of Arts - Centenary College

Amy Russell

Program Support Coordinator (Business and Information Technology); A.A.S., BPCC; B.G.S., NSU

Renee Ryan

Administrative Assistant III (Campus Police Department)

Linda Sandifer

Workplace Literacy Instructor (College Transition Programs), A.S., LSUS

Tiffany Sandifer

Director (Student Life), B.A., LSUS; M.A.,Northwestern State University

June Schneider

Assistant Professor (Technology Engineering and Mathematics), M.S., LSU; Ph.D., University of Minnesota

Tonia Sharp

Administrative Coordinator III (Science and Allied Health), A.A.S., BPCC

Melissa Shepherd

Program Director Phlebotomy (Science Nursing and Allied Health), B.S. in Community Health LSUS;M.P.H. LSUS

Pam Simek

Criminal Justice Program Director (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences)

Lindsay Small

Associate Professor (Technology Engineering and Mathematics), B.S., Louisiana Tech University; M.Ed., LSUS.

Elizabeth Smallwood

Instructor - Information Health Management (Nursing and Allied Health); AAS - Southwestern Community College

Allen Smith

Professor (Nursing and Allied Health), B.S.N. Grambling State University, Registered Nurse. M.Ed., Northwestern State University

Jennifer Smith

Director of Student Success and Retention

Joy Smith

Instructor (Liberal Arts)

Natalie Smith

Accounting Assistant (Finance); MBA - LSUS

Sara Smith

HR Analyst A - Payroll

Tiffany Dawn Smith

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program (Nursing and Allied Health); B.S., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Lupita Soto

Spanish HiSet Coordinator (College Transition Program)

Paul Spivey

Dean (Business and Information Technology), B.S., LSU; M.B.A., LSUS

Horace Spratley

Instructor (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences); M.S., Saint Leo University

Katrina Sproles

Student Services Support Coordinator; A.A.S., BPCC; B.G.S., Louisiana Tech

Susan Stakes

Program Manager (Veteran Educational Services - Veterans Resource Center), A.G.S., BPCC; B.I.S., LA Tech

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Jimmy Stewart

Chief of Campus Police (Campus Security)

Susannah Stinson

Associate Vice Chancellor for Institutional Advancement; JD, Louisiana State University; BA, Louisiana Tech University

Rebecca Stone

Business Office Assistant - Lead Cashier (Finance Department)

Guy Stutes

Shop Manager – CAMET (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math)

Lisè Taylor

Public Services Librarian (Learning Commons)

Sandra Theus

Professor (Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences), M.A., Grambling State University

Lily Thompson

Assistant Professor (Liberal Arts), M.A., NSU

Justin Tison

Assistant Director of College Transition Programs (College Transition Programs), B.A., M.Ed., LSUS

Maria Torres

Spanish HiSET Coordinator (College Transition Program)

Michelle Triplet

Program Coordinator (Student Life); A.S., BPCC

Rebecca Turbeville

Assistant Professor (Business and Information Technology); M.B.A., LSUS

Steve Turner

Instructor (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics), M.S., LSUS

Shelli Ulrich

Director of College Transition Programs and Program for Successful Employment(Workforce Solutions), B.S., LSU-S

George Valcho

Associate Professor (Business and Information Technology); B.S., Youngstown State University; M.B.A., Southern Methodist University

Gwendolyn Vaughn

Adult Education Instructor (College Transition Program)

Melissa Velasquez

Financial Aid Advisor (Financial Aid), A.S., BPCC

Juanita Venable

Senior Programmer/Analyst (Computer Services and Institutional Research)

Kathleen Vercher

Dean of Enrollment Management (Admissions/Registrar), A.A., BPCC; B.B.A., ULM; M.B.A., LSU-S.

Daniel Vines

Instructor - English (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences)

Frank Viviano

Associate Professor (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math); M.S., Louisiana Tech

Beth Voss

Instructor (Technology Engineering and Mathematics), B.S., University of Arkansas; M.B.A., LSUS

Jo Ann Walker

Campus Coordinator - Natchitoches

Teri Walston

HR Assistant – Payroll (Human Resources)

Gary Ware

Instructional Technology Specialist (Canvas Administrator) - Educational Technology

Monica Washington

Administrative Coordinator III (Communication and Performing Arts)

Cindy Watson

Administrative Assistant III (Computer Services and Institutional Research)

Paul Weaver

Professor (BIT), Program Director - Computer Information Systems; Ph.D., Trinity Theological Seminary

Jimmy Webb

Campus Security & Safety Coordinator (Campus Security)

Heather Weldon

Laboratory Coordinator (Nursing and Allied Health); A.S.N., BPCC

Joshua Wheat

Project Developer – Workforce Solutions

Michael Whitaker

Dean - Nursing & Allied Health; B.AS., NSU; MBA, University of Texas at Tyler

David White

Technical Coordinator - Performing Arts (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences); B.A., Louisiana Tech University

Cheryl Wieser

Director of Testing Center and Prometric Test Center (Workforce Solutions); M.Ed., Boston College

Sherry Wilkerson

Accounting Supervisor (Finance Department), A.S., BPCC

Brenda Williams

Student Success Coordinator (Nursing and Allied Health), M.A., Louisiana Tech University

J’Corey Williams

Recruiter, Enrollment Initiatives

Jonnie Williams

Planning and Research Coordinator (Academic Affairs), A.A.S., BPCC

Louis Williams

Project Coordinator (Communication and Performing Arts), A.A., BPCC; B.G.S., M.A., Louisiana Tech University

Rebecca Williams

Student Success Coordinator (Enrollment Management ) - Sabine Valley

Cynthia Winham

Administrative Coordinator IV (Finance Department)

Constance Winter

Professor (Nursing, and Allied Health); M.P.H., RN, Idaho State University

Karen Woodel

Accounting Coordinator - Natchitoches & Sabine Valley

Deborah Woods

Administrative Assistant III (Workforce Solutions); Bachelor of General Studies - Louisiana Tech University

Dawn Young

Professor (Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences); Ed.D. Grambling State University