A work-friendly LPN to RN track

Becoming an RN opens many doors for the nurse. BPCC recognizes that many LPNs would like to become RNs, but financial obligations require full-time employment. BPCC is pleased to provide a “work-friendly” option for the LPN seeking to continue his/her education. Many local healthcare facilities provide tuition assistance in exchange for an employment agreement.

Registered Nursing is considered one of the rapid-growing careers in the nation. The yearly median starting wages are $66,240 in Louisiana.

The LPN can complete the required prerequisite courses at his/her own pace. All prerequisite courses are offered on campus or online. Many of these classes have day or evening options.

    Credit Hours
ENGL 101 Composition & Rhetoric I 3
ENGL 102 Composition & Rhetoric II 3
MATH 102 College Algebra 3
MATH 114 Finite Math 3
PSYC 220 Developmental Psychology 3
BLGY 230 & 230L* Anatomy & Physiology I and Lab 3/1
BLGY 231 & 231L*

Anatomy & Physiology II and Lab

BLGY 202 & 202L* Microbiology for Nursing & ALTH and Lab 3/1
  TOTAL 27

*All science courses must be less than five years old

During the last semester of required prerequisite courses, the LPN must submit an application for nursing clinical courses. The application is due by the first Monday in April for fall nursing clinical courses, and the first Monday in October for spring nursing clinical courses. The TEAS test is required for selective admission.

Once selected for the program LPNs receive 12 hours of LEAP credit that includes content in Nursing Fundamentals, Pharmacology I, Adult Nursing I, and Nursing Practicum I.

LPNs will be scheduled to attend nursing theory classes, on campus, only one day per week. Nursing practicum courses are provided every other weekend. As a part-time student, an LPN will complete the nursing portion of the program in four semesters.

Contact Information

Cindy Adams
(318) 678-6080