Surgical Technology

Surgical technologists, also called “scrubs,” “surgical technicians” or “operating room technicians”, are part of the surgical team. They assist the doctors, nurses, and other operating room workers. They help prepare patients for surgery by washing, shaving, and disinfecting the intended areas of operation. They clean and set up the surgical equipment. They also transport patients to the operating room, position them on the operating table, and cover them with surgical drapes.

Surgical technologists set up the operating room with instruments and supplies. They help the surgical team scrub in and put on their gowns, gloves, and masks. During surgery, they hand instruments and supplies to the surgeons and their assistants. Technicians help keep track of equipment and sterile items during surgery. They also help to prepare samples of tissues (specimens) or organs that will be tested in a laboratory.

For a more complete description of careers in Surgical Technology, refer to the Association of Surgical Technology (AST) website.

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