Food Pantry

Student Handing Out Food

Academic research shows that students who don’t have enough food are more likely to have low grades and poor health. Addressing this critical need helps our students be more successful in the classroom, which leads to better retention and higher graduation rates.

In fall 2018, the BPCC Rotaract Club sought to address food insecurities of students by founding the Emergency Food Pantry. It was the first college-initiated food pantry in Northwest Louisiana, and was established by the collaborative efforts of the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana, Rotaract Club of BPCC, and members of the faculty and staff. This became the foundation of The Cavalier Care Center Food Pantry. In the fall of 2020, the Food Pantry moved into the Cavalier Care Center, which allowed for an extensive expansion. The Food Pantry was able to triple in size and become a United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved pantry, offering more food options including meats and fresh vegetables, as well as hygiene products.