Current Grant Opportunities

SPIN Grants Database

Have an idea for a project but not sure where to find funding? Check out SPIN, a tool for BPCC faculty and staff that simplifies the process of looking for grants. SPIN, a web-based collection of federal and foundation grant information is available to faculty and staff through a subscription service. Just contact the Grants Office at 678-6176 to obtain a username and password.

State Agencies

Louisiana Board of Regents
The Sponsored Programs division of the Board of Regents administers State and federal programs that provide funds and other resources to Louisiana’s post-secondary education community and interacts extensively with institutions and governmental agencies on issues related to post-secondary research and educational enhancement.

Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities
The LEH Supports cultural efforts throughout the state by awarding grants to local cultural organizations and institutions. These awards support large and small scale humanities public programs from university events to those sponsored by museums, libraries, cultural centers and historical societies.

Federal Agencies is the electronic grant submission portal for over 900 grant programs of federal grant-making agencies. You can search for grant opportunities here as well as register for notification of grant opportunities.

National Science Foundation (NSF)
The National Science Foundation is a federal agency that funds grants related to science, mathematics, and engineering technology. The NSF’s Advanced Technological Education Program (ATE) has an emphasis on two-year colleges and supports programs that focus on the education of technicians for high-technology fields.

Department of Labor
The Department of Labor is a federal office funds workforce development grants.

Private, State, and Local Foundations

Letters of Intent and Final Submissions vary throughout the year and among foundations. Speak with Grants Office personnel for details on specific grant opportunities.