Preparation Time for Solicitation and Ordering

The requisitioner should allow the Purchasing Department at least five (5) working days to verify funding, and to prepare and solicit bids. A longer period may be required if the request is incomplete or lacks sufficient specifications. A one (1) to five (5) working day period may be required after bids are opened to evaluate and award bids, and to issue purchase orders. Vendor delivery time must be considered in planning the overall purchasing time required for a purchase.

Bidding time is the period of time between the date of distribution of the Invitation for Bids and the date set for opening of bids. In each case bidding time will be set to provide bidders a reasonable time to prepare their bids. For bids over $25,000, a minimum of twenty-one (21) days should be provided unless the Purchasing Department deems a shorter time period is necessary for a particular procurement. However, in no instance shall the bidding time be less than ten (10) days.