Command Spanish

Do you have a business or organization that employs non-Spanish speaking employees who need to interact with Spanish-speaking employees or customers?

BPCC’s Workforce Solutions and Continuing Education Department offers a program that can be customized for your specific business or industry. Command Spanish, Inc. is the country’s leading provider of customized Spanish language and cross-cultural programs and products for non-Spanish speakers who interact with Spanish-speakers in the workplace.

The objective of Command Spanish, Inc. is to provide learner-friendly language materials and workshops that require NO PRIOR KNOWLEDGE OF SPANISH. These programs eliminate the tedious grammar instruction found in most other language programs.

“We have an increased need for working with the Spanish-speaking culture. Command Spanish has helped us adequately address the needs of our Spanish-speaking clients and the BPCC instructor job-shadowed our employees to gain insight into their day-to-day contacts with those in need of legal services.” – Alma Jones, Executive Director of Legal Services of North Louisiana

Customize for Your Workplace

We can customize Command Spanish®, Inc. language programs for professionals in the following fields:

  • Dental & Medical
    • Spanish for Dental Staff
    • Spanish for the Physician’s Office
    • Spanish for Nursing
    • Spanish for Eye Care Providers
    • Spanish for the Pharmacy
  • Criminal Justice
    • Survival Spanish for Law Enforcement Officers
    • Survival Spanish for Correctional Officers
    • Survival Spanish for Probation Officers
  • Public Safety
    • Emergency Spanish for Firefighters
    • Survival Spanish for Paramedics and EMTs
  • Education
    • Survival Spanish for School Administrators, Teachers, and Support Staff
    • Spanish for Child Care Facilities
    • Spanish for Library Staff
  • Business & Commerce
    • Spanish for Office Personnel
    • Spanish for Retail Sales
    • Spanish for Banking
    • Spanish for Requesting Personal Information & Data
    • Spanish for Real Estate Agents
  • Industry & Manufacturing
    • Spanish for Industry, Manufacturing, and Warehousing
    • Spanish for Construction Sites
  • Hospitality
    • Spanish for Hotel and Motel Staff
    • Spanish for Restaurant Staff
  • General Interest
    • Community Spanish: A Survival Guide for English-Speakers
    • Ingles Minimo/Minimum English (A Survival Guide for Spanish Speakers)


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