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Waiting in Whatley (2017)Waiting in Whatley

On a hot afternoon in Whatley, Texas, Charlene, an unhappy housewife, waits for her husband’s bus to arrive. She meets Loretta, young, alone, and pregnant, who hopes that the bus will bring her a chance for a new life. Meanwhile, in a nearby town, an attempted robbery makes two men unlikely travel companions, unaware of the surprises that are waiting in Whatley.

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  • 2018 Cane River Film Festival


A Bus From Dallas

A Bus from Dallas (2016)

A Bus from Dallas is a film about a chance encounter between two woman (Charlene and Loretta) at a small town bus stop. As they wait for the bus to arrive we dive into why they are there and what drives them. This leads to the discovery of a surprising bond.

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  • 2017 Remi Award – Bronze



Z-TV (2015)

Z-TV shows us a world where zombies dominate our television sets—they have become the subjects of crime shows, nature documentaries, cooking shows, even children’s television! Z-TV satirizes contemporary media’s infatuation with zombies. This spoof invites the viewer to join in witnessing this “zombie infestation” as the film “flips through the channels” of Z-TV—in a world where a zombie take-over has truly happened.

Suite Dreams

Suite Dreams (2014)

Suite Dreams is a story of renewed chances and forgotten dreams, centers on Carole Bailey, who expects nothing short of perfection from her daughter and two granddaughters. However, when seemingly ordinary ballet slippers are given to her as a gift, she is given a magical second chance to dance the role of her dreams.

The RemnantsThe Remnants (2013)

The Remnants tells the story of a single mother and teenage daughter struggling to make sense of paranormal happenings in their home. A seemingly friendly spirit follows Katie, the daughter, home from a friend’s, but the interactions soon become more and more malicious. With the help of friends, they realize this is no typical haunting.

A Very Tough CourseA Very Tough Course (2012)

There has been a murder. The quiet community of Fairway Estates is shaken when a body is discovered on the adjoining golf course. Lieutenant Finder and his partner Sergeant Jonesy must untangle the web of deceit that faces them in this classic murder mystery. Discover the clues with the two detectives and see if you can find the killer before Finder and Jonesy.


The Road to Destiny


The Road to Destiny (2012)

The Road to Destiny tells the story of Lo-Dee Hammock, a Branson, Missouri tour guide. Through her faith and tireless efforts, Lo-Dee built a successful tour bus line and eventually become known as a “Branson Mom” to many popular music acts. Based on her book, “It’s Not Odd, It’s God,” This film chronicles the lives of her parents; as well as, her own early life including how she met her husband, Dalton, and his struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder. Lo-Dee reminds us through her words to always listen for what God has planned for each of our lives.

At War With The Ants

At War with the Ants (2009)

Life has a funny way of catching up with us when we are not looking. Evan (Matt Caroll) and Hannah Buckley (Dodi L. Brown) are two Chicago-socialite with the rest of their lives in front of them until an argument forces the couple to re-evaluate their intentions. Fireworks fly during the Fourth of July weekend with Evan’s Family in Louisiana, as the couple come to terms with their uncertain future.

Anything for the GameAnything for the Game (2008)

Jake Poise (Thomas Duval) is an All-American athlete. He is the star of the Fisher High School Cavaliers and soon will be playing collegiate baseball for the State University Tigers. After a career-threatening injury, Jake is faced with a decision that all too many teen-aged athletes face. The path of steroids leads Jake down a trail from which he may never return.

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  • 2010 Remi Award – Bronze


Forgotten Justice

Forgotten Justice (2007)

The story of Mark Jones (Jamie Norwood), a man wrongfully convicted of murder at the age of 14 after ten years in prison Mark is released and begins his quest for justice. Enrolling in a criminal justice 101 course, Mark finds a kindred spirit in one of his classmates, Kate (Hilaire Anne Ball), a young cocktail waitress on her own path to becoming a lawyer. When Mark is arrested for the theft of legal documents, Kate enlists the help of their instructor Sarah Hirsch-Stafford (Elizabeth Bowen) and her lawyer husband, Peyton Stafford (Gio Brucia). Peyton wants to use this case to uncover facts about Mark’s conviction but the man who prosecuted Mark for murder, district attorney D.J. Stafford (Meade Patton), Peyton’s father, will stop at nothing to prevent the truth from coming to light.

Ray of SunshineRay of Sunshine (2006)

Racism has a stranglehold on the small rural town of Sunshine and former FBI Agent, Ray Evans (C. Jarrell Echols) is returning to his hometown in search of his roots. On his arrival, Ray joins the Sunshine Police where he meets Trevor Billingsly (Matthew Carroll), his new partner. Trevor’s unique way of thinking and Ray’s strong will must be set aside if the duo is to stop a serial rapist and solve a cold case murder that is more than forty years old. Will racial equality prevail or will bigotry’s reign over Sunshine continue.

Brothers TwoBrothers Two (2005)

Brothers Two weaves a complicated tale of twin brothers who chose separate paths in life. This film deals with the choices made by those men and how it ultimately affected the rest of their lives and their relationships with those around them.


Jeremiah's Secret

Jeremiah’s Secret (2004)

Welcome to Danville; small town USA. On the surface all is right but we all have our secrets, and Danville has its share. As our story unfolds, Ray Matthews (Gordon Christy) discovers the long lost diary of Betsy Cooper (Paula Kaszuba), which opens up the sordid past of this small town. The answers to the puzzles laid forth in the diary however are missing and only Jeremiah knows Danville’s secret. The answers found by Sheriff Matt Chandler (Gary Sexton) only lead to more riddles. Caught up in this tiny burgs’ twisted past, is a young man struggling to shed the trappings of the hierarchical society of Danville. Josh Webster (Carl Dennis) is secretly eyeing Ben Daigle’s (Ian Price) prearranged girlfriend Millie Hanses (Tonya Free). But as normal as things may seem, all of their lives will be turned upside down when they discover Jeremiah’s Secret.

From the HeartFrom the Heart (2003)

From the Heart is the story of two country kids who find out they have a city cousin. Will her arrival change their lives or will they be able to changer hers? Will their simple lifestyle be enough? Or will tragedy tear the family apart?


This Was My Life (2011)

This Was My Life

Wesley C. Browning, Jr. tells his story of how he survived the Bataan Death March, then held as a prisoner of war in the Philippines, and later transferred to Japan to work in

the mines. Because of his faith in God he was able to endure untold hardships and diseases in his nearly four years of captivity by the Japanese in World War II.

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  • 2012 Remi Award – Bronze


Small Town, Big Heart (2010)Small Town, Big Heart

Minden, Louisiana gives more money per capita to St. Jude’s Children Research Hospital than anywhere in the World. This community of 18,000 residents, to date, has raised nearly 8-million dollars since 1976. See how the Minden-St. Jude Auction allows this small town to share its big heart.


I Am the Strand (2008)

I Am The Strand

I Am the Strand tells the story of a building that is more than a building. The Strand Theatre is a mainstay of the arts now flourishing in Shreveport, Louisiana but in the 1970’s the then fifty year old theatre was scheduled for demolition. Through a twist of fate, the Strand was saved by the hard work and sacrifice of a few. The Strand re-opened on December 21, 1984 to all the fanfare befit a queen. Now seventy-five years old. The Strand is a marquee venue for a variety of shows. The Strand has returned to her vaudevillian roots as a performing arts center even being listed as one of the top five glitziest theatres for live performance in the country by USA today and AMC.