Ms. BPCC & Miss Tiny Cavalier

A tradition since 1990, a pageant is held annually in the spring to select a student to represent Bossier Parish Community College as a hostess, spokesperson, and ambassador both on campus and in the community.

Contestants are judged on leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, citizenship, service to the college and the community, poise, personality, professionalism, ability to express opinions and thoughts in a clear and articulate manner, as well as personal presentation and attractiveness. The titleholder is expected to be a person of high moral character and a student with a great deal of school pride and spirit. This role requires some public speaking, and any student interested in applying should feel comfortable in the public eye.

Contestants may enter the pageant twice. Various prizes are awarded including a full-tuition waiver plus books for the titleholder.

In conjunction with the Ms. BPCC pageant, the college also hosts a Miss Tiny Cavalier competition. This is an all-natural pageant with the objective of selecting a young lady to represent Bossier Parish Community College alongside Ms. BPCC in her year of service. This is not the typical glitz style pageant. It showcases the natural beauty of the child and allows the child’s individual personality to shine through.

Contestants are judged on beauty/appearance, personality, projection, and poise; and, various prizes are awarded.

2025 Pageant Date

  • TBD

Contact Information

Office of Student Life
Building F-220