Culinary Arts

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Program Outcomes

Recipients of the Certificate of Technical Studies in Culinary Arts will have demonstrated:

  • knowledge and applied skills to practice effectively as a professional chef in an entry-level position in the food service industry;
  • comprehension of the fundamental of mathematics as related to the culinary arts profession;
  • application of food preparation principles, including the fundamentals of food preparation, sanitation, menu planning, and dining room service;
  • ability to develop an in-depth personal nutrient analysis;
  • knowledge of the hospitality industry; and
  • knowledge of basic supervisory management skills.

Why BPCC Culinary Arts?

If you have the desire, the relentless commitment and the will to succeed, BPCC Culinary Arts program is the only place you need to be in Northern Louisiana. At BPCC Culinary Arts you will begin to build your irreplaceable foundation for your future. Why BPCC Culinary Arts?

  • American Culinary Foundation (ACF) accredited
  • Expert educators
  • Personal hands on instruction
  • 95% employment rate after graduation
  • Lifelong Career mentorship

Culinary Arts Program Outcome

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Program Curriculum

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Gainful Employment

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