Cavalier Communication Center (C3)

The Cavalier Communication Center (C3) is an on-campus digital messaging system that is used to publicize events, activities, deadlines, or anything BPCC related to the students, faculty, and staff of Bossier Parish Community College in an effort to increase the effectiveness of campus communications. The Office of Public Relations will manage the messaging system and will approve all announcements that will be broadcast over the system. The system allows the person posting the message to focus the direction to individual buildings on campus or to reach multiple locations across campus.

Submission Guidelines

The following guidelines will help ensure that all communications are professional, clear, and relevant. This policy will be administered and enforced by the Office of Public Relations and others designated by the Office of Public Relations.

  • All postings on C3 must be supportive of the College’s core mission and values and must be in compliance with all College policies and applicable state and federal laws. The Chancellor reserves the authority to remove any postings deemed inappropriate or inconsistent with College interests. Posting on C3 is a privilege granted by the College and no implicit or explicit rights of any person, group, division or department to post information to the system exists.
  • All postings on C3 should generate information for the BPCC community as a whole. Information of value to only a small portion of the BPCC community should be carefully evaluated to determine appropriateness prior to submission. The C3 administrator reserves the right to determine appropriateness, when necessary.
  • Postings that promote activities and events not directly associated with a BPCC program, department, event, or affiliated group should be avoided. Student organizations, BPCC Athletics, BPCC Foundation, Inc., and other related groups may request that information be posted to C3. Information regarding events of interest to the general Bossier City/Shreveport community should be communicated through other appropriate means (i.e. newspapers, television, and radio). All communications regarding BPCC and related events/news must be distributed through the Office of Public Relations.
  • The Cavalier Communication Center system was funded with Student Technology Fee money; therefore, it is very important that students see the primary use of C3 as a benefit to them.
  • All postings should be electronically submitted to the C3 administrator at at least two weeks prior to the event and must be accompanied by a submission form. Emergency announcements (i.e. evacuations, inclement weather, class cancellations, etc.) can be added as a “same day request.” All submissions will be reviewed and approved by the C3 administrator.
  • Limitations on the amount of available text space within a screen does exist. Announcements shared should be clear and concise.
  • Use of visual media within messages is encouraged. PowerPoint slides are easily converted to the format needed for the system. Email the slide(s) to the C3 administrator and complete the submission form. If you are having trouble forwarding media or have questions concerning visual media, contact the C3 administrator at 318-678-6031.
  • Anyone submitting a posting should perform multiple checks for accuracy, grammatical correctness, and appropriate appearance. The C3 administrator reserves the right to edit any messages received before posting to the system.
  • Specify on the submission form whether you would like your message broadcast campus wide or only to specific buildings. Messages will be removed from the C3 system following the event end date.

Appropriate Types of Messages

  • Messages directly involving BPCC students, faculty, or staff
  • Messages that highlight events or activities occurring on campus
  • Student led activities such as student organization meetings, events, etc.
  • Sports and special events such as plays, concerts, etc.
  • Critical academic calendar dates and deadlines
  • College closure and holiday dates
  • Recognition messages to College departments, organizations, and/or individuals
  • Important weather and national news updates when necessary