Connecting to the Exchange E-Mail System

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The following instructions will walk you through the steps needed to configure Outlook to connect to the Microsoft Exchange server we will be using for all BPCC faculty/staff e-mail.

1. Prepare for the Process

To complete the process you will need to be logged into your campus computer.

2. Open Outlook

We need to open Microsoft Outlook. This can be found on the Start MenuFigure 1 shows, as indicated by the red arrow, the icon you are looking for.

Figure 1

3. The Outlook Startup

You will be initially presented with Microsoft Outlook Startup screen. Click Next in the bottom right corner. Figure 2 shows the next screen you will be presented with. It will be asking you if you would like to configure a new email account. Make sure Yes is selected and click Next in the bottom right corner.

Figure 2

4. Choose Exchange E-mail Service

The arrow in Figure 6 points to the appropriate selection Microsoft Exchange, POP3, or IMAP. Once this is selected click Next located at the bottom of the window and circled in the example.

Figure 3

5. Auto Account Setup

The next screen will display your user name and associated e-mail address. This information does not need to be changed. Some users may notice the e-mail that is in the box is not the e-mail address they normally use. This should be ignored as long as the name to the left of the @ sign is the same user name you use to log into your computer. DO NOT CHANGE IT. Click next at the bottom of the window circled in Figure 7.

Figure 4

6. Congratulations.

Figure 8 shows the final step in setting up your new Outlook email account. Click Finish in the lower portion of the form.

Figure 5

7. Open Outlook

Outlook should open and you should find your email account listed in the left hand navigation pane.

8. Conclusion

This should complete the process of connecting to the new Exchange E-Mail system. If you have any problems please contact first your department’s Administrative Assistant as they have received training on this process. If they are unable to resolve the problem you can contact Computer Services through the normal channels and we will do our best to resolve the problem. Thanks for your patience and help with this process.