Microsoft Outlook Safe Senders

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How to add BPCC faculty, staff, and employee email addresses to your Microsoft Outlook Safe Senders List. This will help keep BPCC email from being routed to your Junk Email or Spam Email folders.

Start Microsoft Outlook.

Click on the Actions tab on the top menu.

Outlook top menu highlighting Actions tab

Under the Actions tab, click on Junk E-mail on the drop-down menu, then click on Junk E-mail Options.

Actions tab dropdown menu highlighting Junk E-Mail

The Junk E-Mail Options dialog box will open. Click on the Safe Senders tab at the top, then click Add.

Actions tab dropdown menu highlighting Junk E-Mail

Type in the Add address or domain dialog box, then click OK.

Add address or domain dialog box

To add BPCC Student email addresses, repeat the process by clicking Add again and entering and clicking OK.

Add address or domain dialog box indicating how to add student email addresses

This will allow all emails from and to go straight to your Inbox. You may add more domains or specific email address by clicking Add and repeating the process. When you are finished, click OK at the bottom of the Junk E-mail Options dialog box.

Junk E-mail dialog box