New Students

Admission and Registration Instructions (for new student)

  1. Click Apply for Admission.
  2. Enter Student Social Security number and click submit
  3. Create PIN (MMDDYY)
  4. Complete items marked with asterisk (*); skip International Address and Click Save and Continue
  5. RECORD Login ID and Click Continue with Application
  6. Select Application Type: Non-Credit and Click Continue
  7. Select Term of Entry: Summer 2010 and Click Continue
  8. Select Intended Major: Continuing Education and Click Continue
  9. Additional Enrollment information: Complete items with asterisk (*) (US citizenship and legal resident of Louisiana) scroll to bottom of page and Click Save and Continue
  10. Message appears: The submission deadlines that apply to your application are listed below. Click Continue with my application.
  11. Additional Name information: ONLY need to complete items with asterisk (*) (Gender and Date of Birth) and scroll to bottom of page and Click Save and Continue
  12. Residency and US Citizenship page: Do not have to complete this page. Scroll to bottom and Click Save and Continue
  13. Review Application: Scroll to bottom of page and Click I’m Ready to Submit my Application
  14. Click Submit My Application
  15. Message appears: You have been admitted to the Continuing Education program at Bossier Parish Community College. You may now register for classes. Click Register for classes.
  16. Enter Login ID (in Student ID box) and PIN (MMDDYY) and Click Login
  17. Site Map: Click Select Term and Click Summer 2010
  18. Locate Registration heading: Click Drop and Add Classes
  19. To find a course to add: Click Course Sections
  20. Scroll in Subject box to Non-Credit courses and select subject of course (ex: Non-Credit Computer or Non-Credit Crafts) and Click Submit
  21. Select Course from list of courses and Click Submit
    NOTE: Don’t see your course listed, select a course and click submit. This course will not be added unless you add to cart in next step. You can Empty Cart at this screen OR go to Select Another Subject and scroll to NON-CREDIT and select subject area. Then proceed with choosing a course (step 21 and 22)
  22. If you only want to register for one course, Click Add (course name will be here) to Cart.A screen will appear notifying you that course was added. Click OK.
    If you want to register for more courses, Click Select Another Subject and repeat steps 21 through 23 again. Once you are finished with adding courses, Click Add (course name will be here) to Cart. A screen will appear notifying you that course was added. Click OK.
  23. When you are ready to proceed to checkout, Click on Go to Drop and Add Classes page
  24. Make sure course is listed in box and Click Submit
  25. You now get to see the course you have registered. At this point,
    1. if you want to remove a course, go to the Action column and click on the drop-down arrow, and select DROP. Then, Click Submit. You will then have to Click on Course Sections and repeat steps 21 through 25 again.
    2. If your cart is correct and you are ready to proceed to checkout, click Submit

You have added course; however, you must enter payment information before you are registered.

  1. To proceed to payment, go to Student Records (in blue border at top). Click on Account Summary and Payment Options.
  2. Click on Credit Card Payment and click Submit.
  3. Print your receipt then, go to Registration (in blue border at top) and click on Detailed Schedule and print your schedule.

Having trouble registering?  Call us at 318-678-6015.