Returning Students

Registration Instructions (if taken courses at BPCC previously)

  1. Select Enter Student Services
  2. Enter Login ID or Social Security # (in Student ID box) and PIN (MMDDYY) and Click Login
  3. Site Map: Click Select Term and Click Summer 2010
  4. Locate Registration heading: Click Drop and Add Classes
  5. To find a course to add: Click Course Sections
  6. Scroll in Subject box to Non-Credit courses and select subject of course (ex: Non-Credit Computer or Non-Credit Crafts) and Click Submit
  7. Select Course from list of courses and Click SubmitNOTE: If you don’t see your course listed, go ahead and select a course and click submit. This course will not be added unless you add to cart in next step.You can Empty Registration Cart at this screen, add course to cart OR go to Select Another Subject and scroll to NON-CREDIT and select subject area. Then, proceed with choosing a course again (steps 6 and 7)
  8. If you only want to register for ONE course, ClickAdd (course name will be here) to Cart. A screen will appear notifying you that course was added. Click OK.
  9. If you want to register for MORE than one course, Click Select Another Subject and repeat steps 6 and 7 again. Once you are finished with adding courses, Click Add (course name will be here) to Cart. A screen will appear notifying you that course was added. Click OK.NOTE: You must click ADD to cart for EACH course.
  10. When you are ready to proceed to checkout, Click on Go to Drop and Add Classes page
  11. Make sure course is listed in box and Click Submit
  12. You now get to see the course you have registered. At this point,
    1. if you want to remove a course, go to the Action column and click on the drop-down arrow, and select DROP. Then, Click Submit. You will then have to Click on Course Sections and repeat steps 6 through 10 again.
    2. If your cart is correct and you are ready to proceed to checkout, click Submit
  13. You have added course; however, you must enter payment information before you are registered.
  14. To proceed to payment, go to Student Records (in blue border at top). Click on Account Summary and Payment Options.
  15. Click on Credit Card Payment and click Submit.
  16. Print your receipt then, go to Registration (in blue border at top) and click on Detailed Schedule and print your schedule.

Having trouble registering?  Call us at 318-678-6015.