BPCC Ethics Training

Code of Governmental Ethics RS 42:1170 A (3) is the law that requires one hour of ethics education and training for all public servants compensated or not each year during public employment.  Please complete your training and submit your Certificate of Completion to HR by Friday, May 4, 2012.

To use the Online Training go to

1.      http://eap.ethics.la.gov/EthicsTraining/login.aspxWill open new browser window or tab

2.      Then register as a new user

3.      Once you get in you will want to take the training titled “2012 Code of Ethics Training for Public Servants”

4.      It is in three parts and takes a total of about one hour.

5.      Print out the certificate of completion and forward to the Human Resources department.


Please be aware of the following statutes,

RS 42:1170 C (1)  “…The agency shall also provide instruction and information to such public servants intended to educate them about the particular ethics laws to which they are subject and the procedures by which such laws are enforced…”

RS 42:1170 E (2) states that “If the board discovers that a public servant has failed to complete the training required by this Section, the board shall mail by certified mail a notice of noncompliance informing the person that the training required by this Section shall be completed within thirty business days after receipt of the notice of noncompliance. The notice of noncompliance shall include the deadline for completion of the training required by this Section. If the person completes the training prior to the deadline contained in the notice of noncompliance, no penalties shall be assessed against the public servant.”