The Program for Successful Employment (PSE) is a division of Workforce Development at BPCC providing flexible and innovative education and training for individuals with significant disabilities or support needs. Students who have exited high school may enroll in a unique comprehensive transition and postsecondary program for individuals with Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities and/or Autism. As a federally-recognized CTP program, students with an ID diagnosis may be eligible for federal financial aid, even without a high school diploma or equivalent.

The program is designed to provide 12 hours of support weekly as they attend BPCC courses, participate in campus events, join student organizations, and build relationships with peers. This comprehensive program combines academic and essential skills training with practical experience through internships on campus and in the community. An Employment Specialist and peer coaches will mentor students through the job search, application, and interview process.

The goal of PSE is to provide vocational and essential skills training while students work to earn a credential in a field where they can use their strengths and interests as well as personalized coaching and support through the transition to gainful employment and independent living.

Benefits Of The Comprehensive Transition Program:

  • Person-centered planning for a college experience to increase independence
  • Feedback on academic progress after the 4th, 8th, and 12th weeks of participation
  • Vocational and essential skills training
  • Ability to apply for federal financial aid without a high school credential for students with ID

Requirements For Participation In The Program For Successful Employment Comprehensive Transition Program:

The Schedule:

PSE follows BPCC’s Fall and Spring calendar

August – December

January- May

Fee for program is $2,304 per semester