2019 Regional Winners

Region III 2019 science olympiad event winners – March 2

Division B

First Second
Anatomy and Physiology St John Alex CDS #2
Battery Buggy St. John Evangel
Boomilever Lakeside St. John
Circuit Lab St. John Alex CDS #2
Crime Busters St. John Alex CDS #2
Density Lab St. John Lakeside
Disease Detective St. John Evangel
Dynamic Planet St. John Lakeside
Elastic Launched Glider St. John Lakeside
Experimental Design St. John Evangel
Fossils Alex CDS #1 St. John
Game On St. John Alex CDS #2
Heredity St. John Alex CDS #2
Herpetology St. John Alex CDS #1
Meteorology St. John Alex CDS #1
Mystery Architecture St. John Alex CDS #1
Potions and Poisons St. John Evangel
Road Scholar Evangel St John
Roller Coaster St. John Evangel
Solar System St. John Alex CDS #2
Thermodynamics Evangel Alex CDS #2
Water Quality St. John Alex CDS #1
Write It Do It St. John Evangel

Division C

First Second
Anatomy and Physiology Caddo Magnet Ringgold
Astronomy Caddo Magnet Ringgold
Boomilever Ringgold Ruston
Chemistry Lab Caddo Magnet Captain Shreve
Circuit Lab Caddo Magnet Ruston
Code Busters Ruston Ringgold
Designer Genes Caddo Magnet Evangel
Disease Detective Caddo Magnet Evangel
Dynamic Planet Ruston Caddo Magnet
Experimental Design Ruston Captain Shreve
Fermi Questions Ruston Caddo Magnet
Forensics Caddo Magnet Ruston
Fossils Ringgold Caddo Magnet
Geologic Mapping Caddo Magnet Ruston
Herpetology Ringgold Ruston
Mission Possible Ruston
Mousetrap Vehicle Ringgold Ruston
Protein Modeling Caddo Magnet Ruston
Sounds of Music Ruston Ringgold
Thermodynamics Caddo Magnet Ringgold
Water Quality Ringgold Caddo Magnet
Wright Stuff Ringgold Caddo Magnet
Write It Do It Evangel Caddo Magnet

Overall Winners

Division B 1st Place St. John Berchmans Catholic School
2nd Place Alexandria Country Day School #1
3rd Place Alexandria Country Day School #2
Division C 1st Place Caddo Magnet High School
2nd Place Ruston High School
3rd Place Ringgold High School