Smoking Policies

BPCC Smoke-Free Campus Policy (Effective date: August 1, 2014)

Bossier Parish Community College seeks to provide a safe, healthy, pleasant environment for its faculty, staff, and students. To this end, the use of smoke-producing tobacco products and the advertising, sale, free distribution, and discarding of such tobacco products shall be prohibited in all indoor and outdoor facilities and in all state-owned vehicles. The policy extends to faculty, staff, students, vendors, guests, and visitors.

Smoke-producing tobacco products are defined as products including, but not limited to, cigarettes (clove, bidis, kreteks), cigars and cigarillos, pipe, hookah-smoked products, and electronic or e-cigarettes. See more.

“Use of tobacco products” shall include:

  • Use or possession of a lighted tobacco product
  • Use of Electronic Cigarettes

“Indoor and outdoor facilities and state-owned vehicles” shall include:

  • All buildings and facilities owned or leased by Bossier Parish Community College
  • All outdoor areas owned or leased by Bossier Parish Community College, including the grounds of all campuses
  • All state-owned or leased vehicles, including cars and vans


  • None

Non-compliance with this policy will be handled in the same manner as any other policy violation and is subject to disciplinary process.

Enforcement and Penalties
Enforcement of this policy will be made by Campus Security.


  • 1st offense – written warning that BPCC is a smoke-free campus
  • 2nd offense – student is required to meet with Vice Chancellor for Student Services or her designee

Staff and Faculty

  • Any faculty or staff members who violate the Smoke-Free Campus policy will be referred to their immediate supervisor and/or Human Resources.

Non-BPCC Employees and Visitors

  • Visitors, vendors, contractors, and others not specifically employed by Bossier Parish Community College will be reported to the department responsible for their presence on campus. In circumstances where departmental leadership is unable to remedy the situation, the BPCC Facilities/Security Department will be contacted for assistance. Non-BPCC employees who violate this policy will be informed that they may be asked to leave the premises. Vendors and contractors may be subject to action, up to and including, the legal termination of a contract.