Practice of IA encouraged throughout the Institution

The academic program demonstrates how the institution encourages the practice of IA, not merely that IA is taught.

Institution IA security plan and/or policies

As a State agency, we are under the umbrella of the parent policies of Louisiana community and Technical College System (LCTCS) and Louisiana Office of Information technology (OIT).

NOTE: An updated version of BPCC policy is currently under review and should be posted in the next couple of months.

Institution designated Information System Security Officer or equivalent.

Wesley Bange, Senior Systems Analyst, Computer Services See: CIO Job DescriptionPDF File

Duties to include, but not limited to:

  • Develop, manage, and recommend the budget for the Computer Services department.
  • Evaluate, manage, and recommend maintenance contracts for both hardware and software for the Computer Services Department
  • Evaluate hardware and software performance, make recommendations to management regarding new hardware and software purchases.
  • Establish, monitor, and maintain an appropriate working environment for computer hardware and personnel.
  • Inform BPCC personnel of current federal, state, and college policies and procedures as related to computing services.
  • Develop, monitor, and evaluate policies and procedures for the Computer Services department.
  • Coordinate BPCC data processing projects with outside agencies.
  • Evaluate BPCC data processing projects, including feasibility studies, analysis of benefits, cost, etc.
  • Support programming staff with design, development, and debugging of software.
  • Support operations staff with analysis of hardware and software performance.
  • Support BPCC personnel with development of software projects, requests, etc.
  • Coordinate BPCC telephone and telecommunications projects with management and external agencies (OTM, Bell South, AT&T, LDS, etc).
  • Manage telephone systems and service to the campus.
  • Manage systems risk management and security.
  • Other duties as assigned by supervisor.

Implementation of the institution IA security plan to encourage IA awareness throughout the campus.

In the Cyber Information Technology Division our students are required to read and agree with the Networking Code.PDF File

Banners are used on all student computers reminding them about IA security and other topics along same lines. The current banner says: This computer is private property and is for authorized users only. Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited. Individuals using this computer system with or without authority, or in excess of their authority, are subject to having all their activities on this system monitored and recorded by security personnel. Anyone using this system expressly consents to monitoring of their activities and is advised that if such monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, security personnel will provide the evidence of such to corporate and law enforcement officials. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

The current Computer Use PolicyPDF Filestates,

Computer Software

Any software loaded onto College computers must support College business. This includes software purchased by the College or by a College employee or student. The Computer Services may remove any software from a system that is not licensed, is deemed inappropriate by the Provost, or Chancellor that is in any way detrimental to hardware, software, or the College network.

Computer Network and Telephone Usage Policy/Procedures

Computing resources at Bossier Parish Community College are provided for the use of students, faculty and staff to help carry out the mission of the College. The College encourages and promotes uses of computing and network resources by the College community that support this mission.

Computer systems/electronic information systems include all computer based hardware, and software owned by the College, any communications hardware and software provided by the College for the purpose of accessing its computers, and any computer network governed in part or whole by the College.

Bossier Parish Community College generally provides users access to computer services such as electronic mail and the Internet twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. (The College reserves the right to bring these services down for maintenance as needed.)

Network Usage Policies

Individual groups or projects within BPCC may adopt more restrictive network usage policies that apply to their sub-networks and personnel within their area.

Computer User Accounts

To use the BPCC computer resources, a user must first be assigned a computer account. Students, both undergraduate and graduate, are eligible for an account if they are enrolled at BPCC. All Bossier Parish Community College employees are eligible for computer accounts.

If a computer account has been assigned to a student and the student withdraws from the College, that account is no longer valid and will be terminated. Student accounts will be disabled between semesters. Once a student pays fees for the semester or session account access will be restored for that semester or session. If a student does not reenroll and pay fees for a successive semester the account will be terminated.

Computer accounts for academic and staff personnel will be terminated when the employee no longer has an active assignment within the College community.

Administrative, faculty, and staff user accounts are governed by the department/unit that the employee is assigned to. When the person’s association with the department ends, that account will no longer be valid and will be terminated. Accounts for personnel on leave will be disabled for the duration of the leave period. Transferring from one department to another will not result in termination but rather a commensurate change in governance of the account. Department Heads are responsible for notifying the Personnel office and the Computer Services when an employee terminates employment, takes leave, or moves to another job assignment out side the department/unit.

Acquiring a User Account

To be eligible for a user account, the requester must meet one of the following qualifications:

  • Be enrolled in courses as a student at BPCC and have completed the fee payment process
  • Be employed as a faculty member at BPCC.
  • Be employed as a staff member at BPCC
  • Be employed as an administrator at BPCC
  • Any exception to the above will require the written permission of the College Provost
  • To establish a user account:
  • Complete and submit to the Computer Services a Request for User Account form.
  • The system administrator or designee will verify that the requester is eligible for an account.
  • The System Administrator or designee will open the account and place an associated password and user name on the Request for User Account form
  • A copy of the Request for User Account form, containing the new account information, is released to the requester upon proof of identification and receipt of the requester’s signature.

User Policy Summary

Users of College information resources must respect software copyrights and licenses, respect the integrity of computer-based information resources, refrain from seeking to gain unauthorized access, and respect the privacy of other computer users. This policy is applicable to all College students, faculty, and staff and to any others granted use of Bossier Parish Community College resources. This policy refers to all College information resources whether individually controlled or shared, stand-alone or networked. It applies to all computer and computer communication facilities owned, leased, operated, or contracted by the College. This includes word processing equipment, personal computers, workstations, mainframes, minicomputers, and associated peripherals and software, regardless of whether used for administration, research, teaching, or other purposes.


Computer users must respect the privacy of other computer users. The College system provides mechanisms for the protection of private information from examination by others. Attempts to circumvent these mechanisms in order to gain unauthorized access to the system or to private information are violations of College policy and may violate applicable law. System administrators, will authorization from the Director of the Computer Services, may access computer users’ files for critical maintenance purposes or in response to suspected policy violations. System administrators will report suspected unlawful or improper activities to the Director of the Computer Services.