IA Student Development

Our program provides development opportunities for students that lead to a two year associate’s degree or a certificate in an IA discipline.

Evidence of IA degrees/areas of study/track or certificates

To understand the scope of student opportunities enjoyed by Bossier Parish Community College students, it is important to understand the uniqueness of its setting.

Military: The 2d Bomb Wing conducts the primary mission of Barksdale Air Force Base, La., with three squadrons of B-52H Stratofortress bombers – the 11th Bomb Squadron, which is the training squadron, the 20th Bomb Squadron and the 96th Bomb Squadron. Together they ensure the 2d Bomb Wing provides flexible, responsive, global combat capability, autonomously or in concert with other forces, and trains all active-duty and reserve B-52 crews.

The 2d Bomb Wing was assigned to the Air Force Global Strike Command on February 1, 2010. Air Force Global Strike Command will provide combat ready forces to conduct strategic nuclear deterrence and global strike operations in support of combatant commanders. More than 15,000 active-duty, Air Force Reserve members and civilians make up Barksdale’s workforce. About 44 B-52 Stratofortress aircraft are also assigned to the wing.

Civilian: The Cyber Innovation Center is a 501c3 not-for-profit corporation located in Bossier City, Louisiana. The CIC is the anchor of a 3,000 acre National Cyber Research Park and serves as catalyst for the development and expansion of a knowledge-based workforce throughout the region.

The Cyber Innovation Center/National Cyber Research Park works to create a knowledge-based workforce and diversify the region’s economic base by promoting research, education, and technological innovation and fostering collaborative and strategic alliances between governmental agencies, private industry, and academic institutions.

Many of these employees and their dependents are Bossier Parish Community College students, as Bossier Parish Community College is located approximately five miles from the gates of Barksdale and right next door to the Cyber Innovation Center.

Bossier Parish Community College has developed many courses which incorporate into the two year associates degree and all six CNSS certificates. Faculty members associated with CSEC have worked across several states to standardize programs in the area of Cyber Security, Information Assurance and Digital Forensics.


Industry Certificates BPCC Courses


  • A+
  • ACE
  • CCNA
  • CIW JavaScript Specialist
  • CIW Advanced HTML5 & CSS3
  • Cloud Essentials
  • Cloud+
  • Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator
  • Internet and Computing Core Certification
  • IT Fundamentals
  • Linux+
  • Microsoft Office Access
  • Microsoft Office Excel
  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Office Word
  • Microsoft Server
  • Microsoft Windows
  • Network+
  • Oracle Java SE Programmer
  • OCA Java
  • Project+
  • Security+

Certificates BPCC holds:

  • NSTISSI 4011 – Information System Security Professional (INFOSEC)
  • CNSSI 4012 – Senior System Managers
  • CNSSI 4013 – System Administrators (SA)
  • CNSSI 4014 – Information Systems Security Officers
  • CNSS 4015- Information Systems Certification Agent
  • CNSS 4016 – National Information Assurance Standards for Risk Analyst and Risk Management.

Course Descriptions within the Cyber Information Technology degree plans:

Articulation/Transfer agreements

Bossier Parish Community College as articulation agreements with the following institutions:

Articulation agreements with high schools to facilitate awareness and training for faculty/administration/students

Bossier Parish Community College works with area schools in five separate parishes to facilitate awareness and training for faculty and students. Students completing dual enrollment courses will obtain college credit toward the appropriate associate in applied science degree awarded by Bossier Parish Community College.

At this time we have agreements (MOI and crosswalk) with the following schools: Airline, Benton, Bossier, BPTS, Caddo Career Center, Glenbrook, Haughton, Haynesville, Homer, LA New Tech, Minden North DeSoto, Parkway. In the following parishes: Bossier, Caddo, Webster, Claiborne and DeSoto.

BPCC/BPTS Dual Enrollment InformationPDF File

Participation in Cyber/IA competitions.

  • Bossier Parish Community College students participate in BPCC Cyber Competitions with Northwestern State University (2011, 2016-18)
  • Six students were selected to attend Blackhat and Defcon 2010. They competed in multiple competitions between these two conferences.
  • Six students were selected to attend and compete at DEFCON for August 2014. They will competed in multiple competitions and had the opportunity to attend multiple training sessions.

Courses containing “Hands-on” training or Lab training.

All the classes taught in the Bossier Parish Cyber Security program utilize a “hands-on” portion and some type of lab training. Courses that have a lab components:

  1. CIT 101 Network Essentials (Mapped to Net+)
  2. CIT 102 Problem Solving and Programming Techniques
  3. CIT 112 Introduction to Hardware (Mapped to A+ 901)
  4. CIT 113 Introduction to C++ Programming
  5. CIS 114 Introduction to Software (Mapped to A+ 902)
  6. CIT 115 Network Defense
  7. CIT 121 CCNA I
  8. CIT 122 CCNA II (Mapped to ICND I)
  9. CIT 130 Web Design I (Mapped to CIW Web Design Specialist)
  10. CIT 149 Web Scripting I (Mapped to CIW JavaScript Specialist
  11. CIT 150 Introduction to Programming with JAVA
  12. CIT 151 Advanced JAVA Programming
  13. CIT 165 Introduction to Virtualization
  14. CIT 170 Microsoft Windows Server (Mapped to Microsoft Server 2008(70-642))
  15. CIT 172 Linux Server (Mapped to Linux+)
  16. CIT 210 Advanced Network Topics
  17. CIT 211 Data Storage Administration
  18. CIT 213 Advanced C++ Programming
  19. CIT 221 CCNA III
  20. CIT 222 CCNA IV (Mapped to ICND2 OR CCNA)
  21. CIT 225 Network Security Design (Mapped to Sec+)
  22. CIT 230 HTML5/CSS3
  23. CIT 235 Web Application Development
  24. CIT 242 Data Structures
  25. CIT 250 Programming with C#
  26. CIS 250 Cloud Essentials
  27. CIT 260 Interactive Program Design
  28. CIS 270 Cloud+
  29. CIT 270 Relational Database Coding (Mapped to SQL Server 2009)
  30. CIT 279 Information Assurance
  31. CIT 280 Computer Forensics (Mapped to CHFI)
  32. CIT 282 IT Project Management(Mapped to Project+)
  33. CIT 285 Health Informatics for IT Professionals
  34. CIT 295 Software Development Process
  35. CIT 299 Cyber Internship