BPCC Students in a computer lab

Bossier Parish Community College offers developmental mathematics courses, as well as, math courses that will transfer to other institutions of higher learning. MATH 097, MATH 098, and MATH 099 will prepare students to succeed in MATH 102, College Algebra. The developmental mathematics courses are offered in a variety of formats, lecture, hybrid and online (for MATH 099).

MATH 102 is part of the core curriculum of the associate degree. BPCC offers a mathematics elective for the associate degree and for students wishing to later receive a baccalaureate degree. Students must check with their academic advisor to determine which mathematics electives will transfer to the baccalaureate degree institution.

The mathematics elective can be chosen from the following mathematics courses:

MATH 111: Precalculus Algebra
MATH 112: Trigonometry
MATH 114: Finite Math
MATH 124: Mathematical Concepts
MATH 210: Basic Statistics
MATH 250: Calculus I

BPCC also offers three mathematics courses for elementary education majors: MATH 117, MATH 217, and MATH 218.

Students who have taken the ACT or the BPCC placement test may place in math courses higher than MATH 097. Without placement scores, students will start in MATH 097.

Students are urged to contact their academic advisors to address specific issues.