The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) provides the opportunity to receive college credits for what you already know by earning qualifying scores on CLEP examinations. The knowledge you have already acquired through independent study, on-the-job training, prior course work, cultural pursuits, professional development, or internships can help you earn college credits.

CLEP exams are available on the BPCC campus at the BPCC Testing Center and the BPCC BAFB National Test Center.

The administrative fee for CLEP exams is $30.00 unless you are DANTES eligible. There are two parts to making an appointment for a CLEP exam. First, schedule an exam time at a BPCC testing center using the links below. Second, create a College Board account and purchase a Registration Ticket for $89.

A valid picture ID is required for all exams along with your CLEP Registration Ticket which includes the identification requirements.

Bossier Parish Community College does not accept or award credit for all of the CLEP examinations. Refer to the Prior Learning Assessment Matrix (PLA) for more information on exam credit recognized by BPCC. It is the responsibility of the tester to confirm that your school awards credit for that particular CLEP test.

Contact the BPCC Testing Center at or (318) 678-6002 for more information.

An opportunity to take CLEP exams at no cost to you is provided by Modern States Education Alliance which is a non-profit dedicated to making a high quality college education free of cost and accessible to any person who seeks one. Enroll in one of the free online courses complete with etextbooks and other study materials to help prepare you for the CLEP exam. As you complete each course, you will submit a CLEP Voucher Request form. Once Modern States verifies that the videos were watched and lessons were completed, you will receive a CLEP exam voucher. After you complete your CLEP exam, you can submit your receipt for the testing center delivery fee and Modern States will reimburse that cost. See the Modern States – Freshman Year for FreeWill open new browser window or tab for more information.