Transition to Phase 3

Updated: 09/11/2020

This week, the Governor moved the State to Phase 3 of the Re-open Safely Plan.  BPCC has prepared for a move to Phase 3 and you can review our plan on the website.  It is important to note that while we have moved to Phase 3, masks, social distancing, and a commitment to personal and workspace hygiene are still required on campus.

With the move to Phase 3, some people will move from telework back to campus.  In the Executive Council meeting this morning, I asked all members of the Executive Council to work with their teams to determine a plan for a return to campus for those who are able to do so.  Supervisors will be flexible with employees who cannot return to campus due to underlying issues, childcare issues, or other barriers.  Supervisors will work with HR to document those who will return to campus and those who will continue to work remotely.  These departmental plans will be revisited regularly.

For those who are returning to campus to work, we will no longer require advance scheduling of visits to the campus.  We will not have check-in stations, temperature screening, nor will we require completion of campus access forms at entrance points.  All employees, students, and visitors are expected to conduct thoughtful self-screening before visiting the campus.

Students will continue to attend courses as scheduled–be that online, hybrid, or face-to-face on campus.  Students will continue to receive support services remotely and should only come to campus after arranging an appointment with the appropriate office.  These changes will be effective Monday, September 14th and remain in place until there is a change in the Governor’s proclamation relative to COVID-19 protocols.