Welcome! – Tutoring Center

What you can expect from a tutoring session:

The tutor’s purpose is to help you help yourself, to assist you so that you can become an independent learner.

In order to receive the maximum benefit from your tutoring session

  • Check out any study rooms at the sign in desk. Ask about time limits.
  • Be prepared by bringing all academic support materials to each tutoring session (textbook, notes, homework, pen/pencil, etc.)
  • Do as much of the homework or assignment for the course before the tutorial session. Tutors will help you do your work by asking questions to help you think through problems.
  • Get help early. Do not wait until the last minute before class to come to the Tutoring Center for help.
  • During busy times, tutors may get you started, then help someone else, then come back to you. If a tutor forgets to return and you still need help, please give them a courteous reminder.
  • Tutoring is a FREE service and is for ALL BPCC students; therefore, be considerate of other student’s needs and do not monopolize the tutor’s time. Staff reserves the right to limit time spent with a tutor.
  • Respect BPCC’s campus. Eating, drinking, or using tobacco products are not allowed in the Tutoring Center.
  • Be mindful of others. Cell phones must be muted and any calls must be taken outside the Tutoring Center.

Tutors can:

  • Review and help clarify assignments.
  • Help you understand concepts that the instructor has already presented in class.
  • Provide you with additional examples and practice problems.
  • Help you understand the textbook and utilize the information.

Tutors cannot:

  • Teach new material missed in class. Tutoring is not a substitute for classroom instruction.
  • Help with take-home or make-up tests. Tutors cannot help students on computers in the “Practice Test” section of MyMathLab Plus. You may want to sit at a tutoring table before attempting the test section.
  • Always give assistance at the computer stations. The majority of tutoring takes place at the tables.
  • Guarantee an error-free assignment or a better grade. It is still your responsibility to do the work.
  • Tutors cannot do your homework for you.