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COVID-19 Procedure for Advising Students with Military Education Benefits

This modified Course Verification procedure is to be followed while BPCC is only open online due to COVID-19. This modified procedure does not require the submission of a Blue Form. The steps below regarding email confirmation from the Academic Advisor will replace the Blue Form process until further notice.

  • Student contacts advisor for academic advising in their respective program of study.(see below)
  • The Academic Advisor will email the trial schedule to the schedule inputer and will copy Susan Stakes ( in the email. The Academic Advisor will indicate the courses that the student is registering for and verify they are part of the student’s program of study.
  • The Academic Advisor will also indicate if a student is a new student or is changing their major so please be sure to share that information with them.

If a student has registered themselves for their classes, they must also have their courses verified by an advisor. (Students please do not send a personal email with your schedule to Susan Stakes. Schedules must be approved by an Academic Advisor and must be emailed to Susan Stakes by the Academic Advisor).

In the case of self-advising, the student will need to schedule an appointment with their advisor for course approval. After the student and advisor have met, the advisor will email Susan Stakes ( a completed trial schedule or email containing the list of verified courses.

Academic Advisors will continue to follow the same procedures for notification of course repeats, developmental coursework (remedial), and following the program of study.

To register for classes or for academic advising, students may meet with an advisor virtually:

Mission statement

Our mission, in support of the Division of Innovative Learning, is to empower military students, veterans, and their families through education benefits, transitional support, and an environment to promote academic success

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Our vision it to be recognized as a leader in higher education that provides world-class support to our military affiliated students. Our success is their success.

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