FAQs – Veteran Educational Services

Can I take any classes I want while using the GI Bill®?

No. The GI Bill®

only allows courses to be taken that fit within the designated program of study.

Can I take remedial courses online while using my GI Bill®?

No. Remedial courses are only covered under the GI Bill® if they are on the physical campus.

Do I need to turn in my blue VA Enrollment Form every semester?

Yes. Every semester when you meet with your academic advisor to select new classes for the upcoming term, a new blue form has to be completed and signed by the advisor.

What do I do if I drop or add a class or get withdrawn from a class?

Notify the School Certifying Official in Veteran Educational Services so an adjustment to your certification can be made to the VA. (dropping classes throughout the term can cause debt to the student from the VA and/or the school)

Do I have to declare a major to use my GI Bill®?

Yes. The VA requires that students using a GI Bill® have to declare an approved program of study.