Winter 2019

This is an archived document so some links may no longer be active, or may reflect different semesters.

Class schedule:

Session Last Day to Register Start Date End Date
Winter SessionWill open new browser window or tab December 10, 2019 December 10, 2019 January 2, 2020

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For viewing purposes only, below are the lists of classes offered in each session.

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Advance registration with faculty advisors: April 17-26, 2019
Advance registration with Academic Advising: April 29 – December 10, 2019
Online registration: April 17 – December 10, 2019
General Registration: December 9, 2019

Schedule changes:

Schedule changes may be made during the refund period. Please see the refund schedule for dates. Additional charges may apply, please contact the Business Office.

Note: Any student who drops an advisor-approved course bears the responsibility for assuring his/her own progress toward graduation requirements.

Financial information:

Purge Date:

All students who have not made payment in full or completed financial aid will be removed from all registered classes.

Due to the short timeframe for the session, no payment plans are available

  • Winter Session: December 8, 2019

Last day to change from Credit to Audit or from Audit to Credit:

  • Winter Session: December 16, 2019

Last day to drop:

Last day to drop without a grade of “W” Last day to drop with a grade of “W”
Winter Session December 18, 2019 December 31, 2019

Refund schedule for dropping classes:

From To
100% 4/17/2019 12/12/2019
75% 12/13/2019 12/15/2019
50% 12/16/2019 12/18/2019

Refunds are applied to tuition and certain refundable fees as noted above.

This refund schedule is separate and apart and should not be confused with the Academic Drop schedule, Financial Aid refunds, or for those students not beginning attendance in classes without an official withdrawal or resignation (No Show).

Show/No Show:

Description Show/No Show Reporting Start Date Show/No Show Reporting End Date and Time
Session A Tuesday, December 10, 2019 Friday, December 13, 2019 8:00 a.m.


  • Winter Session – January 2, 2020

Grades due:

  • Winter Session – January 3, 2020 by noon